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    Indica Cannabis Reviews

    station house og kush review cannabis photos 5 merryjade

    Station House OG Kush Review & Cannabis Photos

    Station House’s OG Kush is an indica-dominant flower with a lineage connected to Hindu Kush and Chemdog. Users des...

    riff cryo chronic review cannabis photos 5 merryjade

    RIFF Cryo Chronic Review & Cannabis Photos

    RIFF’s Cryo Chronic is their version of the peppery Fr...

    san rafael 71 pink kush review cannabis photos 5 merryjade

    San Rafael ’71 Pink Kush Review & Cannabis Photos

    San Rafael ’71 Pink Kush is an indica strain with a ge...

    Sativa Cannabis Reviews

    redecan sour diesel review cannabis photos 5 merryjade

    Redecan Sour Diesel Review & Cannabis Photos

    Redecan’s Sour Diesel is listed as an indica however this strain traditionally is a sativa so we’re wonderin...

    tweed chemdawg review cannabis photos 5 merryjade

    Tweed Chemdawg Review & Cannabis Photos

    Chemdawg from Tweed is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was cre...

    versus super lemon haze review cannabis photos 5 merryjade

    Versus Super Lemon Haze Review & Cannabis Photos

    Versus is a budget brand we stumbled across while searching ...

    Hybrid Cannabis Reviews

    san rafael 71 lemon rocket review cannabis photos 5 merryjade

    San Rafael ’71 Lemon Rocket Review & Cannabis Photos

    San Rafael 71’s Lemon Rocket is a proprietary indica that was created by crossing undisclosed Fuel and Cake strains. Use...

    mtl cannabis cookies n cream review cannabis photos 5 merryjade

    MTL Cannabis Cookies N’ Cream Review & Photos

    Cookies N’ Cream from MTL Cannabis is a hybrid that wa...

    tweed gg4 review cannabis photos 5 merryjade

    Tweed GG#4 Review & Cannabis Photos

    Tweed GG#4 (sometimes called Gorilla Glue #4) is a hybrid st...

    Cannabis Reviews, Marijuana Rankings and Weed Photos

    Are you looking for a neutral third-party cannabis reviewer? If so, you’ve come to the right spot. Here at our team is on a national journey to review and rate all the available cannabis strains from licensed producers and distributors. This includes dried flower (indica, sativa, hybrid), cannabis concentrates (including oil, hash/hashish, shatter, wax) and even accessories like grinders or rollers. Plus, we have a section called the cannabis dojo which is focused on everyone learning new things about cannabis together. Things such as the difference between sativa, indica and hybrids or maybe more importantly what are the differences between CBD and THC. We’re going to explore a whole bunch of topics that relate to marijuana strains. Much more then just weed reviews or rating cannabis. Remember to check back everyday for our latest cannabis review. So if you’re new to the website and not sure where to start, we recommend reading the detailed (but extremely informative) cannabis terpenes guide. It will explain a lot including how terpenes affect the aroma and flavour of marijuana. Our goal is to review everything including the worst and best cannabis websites or products so you know what medical marijuana or recreational weed to buy and what cannabis to avoid. Remember to check back each day because we post regularly during the week and then generally take the weekend to chill.

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