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34 Street Seed Co. 34 St Cookies Review & Photos

34 St Cookies is an indica-dominant strain described as having dense green buds, amber crystals and sweet citrusy floral aroma.

34 St Cookies by 34 Street Seed Co. is an indica-dominant strain that was created by crossing OG Kush, Pink Kush and Forum Cut Cookies.

The flavour profile is described as tasting sweet with undertones of spicy pepper and its aroma is a combination of skunk and hash mixed with sweet citrus and floral notes. This shouldn’t be surprising considering its dominant terpenes include Trans-Caryophyllene, Alpha-Humulene and Farnesene. 34 Street says the buds are smaller in size but dense, deep green leaves and amber trichomes.

So how does this flower compare to other strains like Kush Cookies?

Check our review, rating and photos below.

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This product was our first encounter with 34 Street Seed Co and it arrived in an industry standard black plastic bag with resealable zipper opening. We tore into the package and released an aroma that reminded us of French onion Sunchips. The expectation was skunky hash but the reality was something like french onion with a subtle hint of mushroom.


After dumping out the contents a couple of things became clear. First, the flower is very dry on the outside with a decent amount of leaf shake accumulating at the bottom of the bag. Second, the five buds that made up the 3.5 grams were decently trimmed, medium in size, grass green with bright orange hairs and covered in trichomes. Like we say about many other licensed producers, it would be nice to see 34 Street include a humidity shield inside their package.


Although 34 Street described the taste as being sweet with spicy pepper undertones, we found it closer to GMO Cookies. If you’re familiar with that strain then you’ll know what we mean. A strong French onion flavour that starts it off but on exhale ends as a light mushroom note. All that being said, the smoke could still be a lot smoother (and likely more flavourful) if the bud wasn’t so dry.


Listed with 23.1% THC content and a price tag of $38.99 for 3.5 grams, we found 34 St Cookies delivered a very strong high including a mild mental calming influence that was combined with a very heavy physical sensation that covered the entire body. Overall the high was enjoyable but given the dry state of the product and price it’s hard to fully recommend this one unless you’re looking for something different.

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34 street seed co 34 st cookies review cannabis photos 3 cannibros
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34 St Cookies from 34 Street Seed Co is an indica-dominant strain with an aroma and flavour similar to french onion chips. Listed with 23.1% THC content and a price of $38.99 for 3.5 grams, we found it produced a very strong high including a mild mental calming affect that was combined with a heavy physical sensation covering the entire body. Overall an enjoyable high but given the dry state of the flower and price it's hard to fully recommend this one. However if you're looking for a stronger indica it might be worth checking out.
  • Strong aroma and flavour
  • Frosty buds and decently trimmed
  • Very strong high
  • No humidity shield
  • Not available in larger quantities
  • Dry and a bit of shake at bottom of bag
Smell - 7.7
Appearance - 7.2
Flavour - 8.1
Experience - 7.9
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