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7Acres Jack Haze Pre-Rolls Review

Get ready to take a wild trip with us as we dive into the world of Jack Haze, the one-of-a-kind pre-rolled joint by 7ACRES. Forget about your average strains, because Jack Haze is here to shake things up! This bad boy takes a twist on the traditional lineage, bringing together White Widow and Haze for a unique experience.

Jack Haze is a rare sativa-dominant strain made by crossing the well-known Jack Herer and Super Silver Haze varieties. However, 7Acres Jack Haze Pre-Rolls presents a distinctive blend of White Widow and Haze strains. Promising a one-of-a-kind experience, this product boasts a combination of delightful sweet citrus, refreshing pine, and comforting warm spice notes. The development of this strain involved an extensive genetic selection program aimed at discovering an innovative sativa expression. Among the various phenotypes, this specific one stood out for its captivating fusion of the characteristic sweet haze aroma and the alluring spice fragrance.

In this review, we will compare it to other popular strains like LowKey’s Amnesia Haze and Versus Super Lemon Haze.

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Despite the pre-rolled nature of the product, we hoped the aroma would not be affected. Upon cracking open the plastic tube, a moderate yet distinct citrus fragrance wafted out, accompanied by delicate undertones of herbal notes and hints of pine. While the scent wasn’t overpowering, it managed to capture the essence of what 7ACRES had described, offering an enjoyable olfactory experience that stayed true to expectations. The gentle interplay of citrus, herbs, and pine created an inviting ambience, setting the stage for what lay ahead.


Packaged in a sleek black plastic tube, the front label displayed crucial details such as lineage, strain name, and THC and CBD content. On the back side of the tube, we found additional information such as the package date, lot number, aroma description, and contact details of the grower.

Nestled within a king-size white rice rolling paper, the pre-roll presented itself with an appealing aesthetic. A white paper filter tip added a touch of elegance to the overall appearance. Upon closer inspection, we noted that the joint was skillfully rolled, exhibiting a level of craftsmanship that suggested attention to detail. Notably, they did not pack it too tightly, which bodes well for a smooth and even burn.


As anticipated, the flavour profile of this Jack Haze pre-roll aligned closely with its aroma, albeit with a milder intensity. Upon inhalation, the predominant taste was a delightful blend of sweet herbal notes, captivating the palate with its distinct character. Accompanying this primary flavour was a subtle citrus undertone that lingered pleasantly after each exhale. Although the flavour wasn’t as pronounced as the scent, it still offered a satisfying experience.

In terms of the smoking experience, the joints burned evenly and smoothly, a testament to their well-constructed roll. However, the smoke did carry a slight harshness, which may have impacted the comfort level for some users. While the taste was enjoyable, the harshness on the lungs could be a minor drawback to consider.


Our tube belonged to lot number 2300000914 which was packaged on February 8, 2023. With a THC content of 20.4%, the price of $8.95 for two 0.5 gram joints seemed reasonable.

While not overpowering, the effects of these Jack Haze pre-rolls provided a satisfying and physically relaxing experience. We found they offered a balanced combination of relaxation without inducing heavy mental fog. Instead, there was a subtle boost of euphoria that contributed to an overall enjoyable state of being. This strain may not be the one to completely knock you out, but it does deliver a pleasant and soothing sensation.

Based on our experience, we would be intrigued to explore the whole flower version of this strain. Overall, the unique combination of flavours, along with the rarity of this strain make it worthwhile to try if you’re able.

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These Jack Haze pre-rolled joints by 7ACRES present a variation from the traditional lineage, combining White Widow and Haze strains to create this sativa-dominant flower. This distinctive blend results in a profile characterized by sweet citrus, crisp pine, and warm spice notes. The well-rolled joints offer an inviting aroma that aligns closely with expectations. While the flavour intensity may be milder than anticipated, it still delivered a satisfying combination of sweet herbal and subtle citrus undertones. With its reasonable price and strong high that induces physical relaxation with minimal mental fog, this one stands out for those seeking a balanced experience.
  • Strong high with balanced relaxation and euphoria
  • Well-rolled joints ensure even burn
  • Reasonable pricing for the quality offered
  • Smoke can be harsh on lungs
  • Flavour intensity slightly underwhelming
  • Aroma could be stronger and more potent
Smell - 7.1
Appearance - 7.5
Flavour - 6.7
Experience - 7.4
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