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7pipe Suka Pipe Review

The Suka Pipe is sleek, smooth and looks like a UFO that will blow you away with the unique way it load bowls on the go.

The 7pipe Suka Pipe was designed to make life easier for on-the-go smokers.

A few months ago we checked out 7Pipe’s Twisty Blunt Original and thought it was a really neat concept so now felt like a good time to review their new flying saucer-shaped Suka Pipe! We ended up grabbing their combo kit that cost $70 and included the following:

  • Zipper Case ($6.99)
  • Suka Pipe ($49.99)
  • 10 Filters (set of 5 is $9.99)
  • Extra Track ball and Quartz Bowl with Cap ($7.99)
  • Alien Figurines (5 for $9.99)

Let’s see how this compares to the glass pipe included with the Very Happy Smokers Kit.

7pipe suka pipe review and photos 1 merry jade


7pipe’s Suka has a smooth design that resembles a silver flying saucer made from anodized aluminium. The alien flying this ship has a very comfortable silicone ball cockpit with a snug quartz glass bowl heat-shield.

The dimensions measured 4.4 inches (112mm) in diameter (about the same as a CD or DVD) and 1 inch (27mm) in height. The storage chamber was concealed immediately underneath the exterior of the upper saucer section and 7pipe indicated the chamber could hold approximately 4 grams of ground up dried flower if you really packed it.

The lower saucer section adds a clear airflow path and holds filters made from 100% polyester fibres which are designed to clean the tar from the smoke before it reaches you. These filters also look quite durable and likely could be cleaned.

The quartz glass bowl holds 0.5 grams of dried flower and came with a aluminium bowl cap the size of nickel to help keep the smell from wafting out. Unfortunately the quartz bowl doesn’t support the use of a Smojo screen. We checked.

7pipe suka pipe review and photos 2 merry jade


7pipe has given you 3 ways to use the Suka Pipe.

First, it makes a great flying saucer collectable for the space enthusiasts and can hide in plain sight without anyone realizing it’s a pipe thanks to the mouth plug and bowl cap keeping in the smell.

Second, you can use it quickly by moving the silicone mouth plug to its holder, popping off the aluminum bowl cap by pushing on the bottom of the silicone ball, then filling up the bowl directly and lighting it up to get to space as fast as possible.

Third, If you plan on travelling, grind up to approximately 3 grams of dried flower and fill up the flying saucer upper storage chamber which can be a bit tricky. You can toke until the bowl is empty and then quickly refill the bowl while on the go. Plus, it’s easy to share with others as everyone can hit a full bowl.

I thought the filters did a great job reducing the harshness of the smoke meaning your hits are smooth and full of the actual flavour of your bud. However these filters are options and the Suka Pipe works perfectly fine without them.

Given the quality of the material, we think these filters will last a long time and you can rotate or flip them just like car tires to ensure they wear evenly.

7pipe suka pipe review and photos 3 merry jade


The Suka Pipe is available from 7Pipe for $49.99 by itself but we’d suggest getting the combo kit for $70 as it works out to be a better deal. You’ll save $15 and get a 4 year warranty. Plus, the filters that come with the combo pack will last quite a while too and there is a replacement/backup silicone ball (including quartz bowl) so you don’t have to be without while cleaning.

We need mention that during our test of the device, we filled it up with 4 grams of dried flower then went out for the evening around 6pm. We shared this pipe with at least 5 other people regularly throughout the night getting home late. The next day we used it up until lunch when we though we should check out how much we had consumed. It was quite a surprise to find half or more still left. Talk about being very efficient – bonus!

Overall the Suka Pipe is a really nice option if you’re smoking on the go and you want to keep everything contained in a single unit. For extra fun and something really unique, if you have the Twisty Blunt Original, you can actually use it in the Suka Pipe by simply removing the Quartz glass bowl.

The Suka Pipe is sleek, smooth and looks like a UFO that will blow you away with the unique way it load bowls on the go. It feels well made, comes with a 4 year warranty and the creator 7Pipe has provided really great customer support. We think getting the combo kit is worth it because the extra filters will last quite a while and there is a replacement quartz bowl so you don't have to be without while cleaning.
  • Unique and interesting design
  • Quick reload method
  • Smooth hits with great airflow
  • Filters need to be replaced
  • Requires regular cleaning
  • Bowl cap is easy to lose
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