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Rolling Papers

Are you looking for rolling paper reviews? We rate the best (and worst) rolling papers from top brands like Pure Hemp, RAW, Zig Zag, Juicy Jays, Futurola and more. You’ll find many different sizes that range from regular all the way up to the 12″ long rolling papers in a variety of flavors and materials including hemp, rice and much more. Below you’ll find our growing list of rolling paper reviews.

papas herb ultra thin king size rolling papers review photos 5 merry jade 8.2 Blazed

Papa’s Herb Ultra Thin King Size Rolling Papers Review

Welcome to our review of the Ultra Thin King Size rolling papers from Papa’s Herb. Our team of experts has tested and evaluated these rolling papers to provide you with an in-depth analysis of t...

smoking deluxe king size cones review photos 5 merry jade 8 Blazed

Smoking Deluxe King Size Cones Review & Photos

If you’ve been following our rolling paper reviews then you know my preference is simple and easy to use papers. Today we’re looking at some pre-rolled cones which really are supposed to m...

pure hemp classic 4 meter rolls review photos 5 merry jade 7 Cooked 6.4 High User Avg

Pure Hemp Classic 4m Wide Rolls Review & Photos

Today we’re continuing our rolling paper reviews with something a bit different than a standard pack of papers. In addition to making wraps, Pure Hemp also offers the same paper product on a rol...

smoking deluxe king size rolling papers review photos 4 merry jade 7.8 Cooked 6.5 High User Avg

Smoking Deluxe King Size Rolling Papers Review & Photos

When we started reviewing rolling papers a few months ago the Smoking brand was a company nobody in our group had heard of before. However since then we’ve learned that not only do they offer qu...

smoking thinnest king size rolling papers review photos 4 merry jade 7.4 Cooked 7.3 Cooked User Avg

Smoking Thinnest King Size Rolling Papers Review & Photos

Is your preference large rolling papers that are thin enough you can almost see through them? If so, there’s a good chance you’re going to really like this product. We already reviewed the...

zig zag white regular kutcorners rolling paper review photos 4 merry jade 8.5 Blazed 8.3 Blazed User Avg

Zig-Zag White Regular Kutcorners Rolling Paper Review

Today we’re reviewing the rolling paper my friends and I used pretty much 99% of the time growing up. No doubt there were more options available but everyone just defaulted to Zig-Zag because th...

smoking 1 1 4 brown cones review photos 4 merry jade 8.1 Blazed 8.4 Blazed User Avg

Smoking 1 1/4 Brown Cones Review & Photos

If you don’t like rolling joints and prefer smoking unbleached paper then today’s product was made just for you. Smoking 1 1/4″ brown cones are made from ultra-fine paper, slow burni...

futurola king size rolling paper review photos 5 merry jade 7.7 Cooked 7.5 Cooked User Avg

Futurola King Size Rolling Papers Review & Photos

Until recently we didn’t really use Futurola products much.  However that changed when we came across the blunt cones they created with Tyson Ranch and since then have become fans. As a res...

futurola tyson the toad blunt wrap review photos 5 merry jade 8.3 Blazed 7.1 Cooked User Avg

Futurola The Toad Blunt Wrap Review & Photos

Mike Tyson and the team from Tyson Ranch have started a really neat collab with the Amsterdam based rolling paper company Futurola that included launching The Toad King Size Blunt Wrap, a non-tobacco ...

smoking thinnest brown medium rolling papers unbleached review photos 4 merry jade 7.5 Cooked 7.8 Cooked User Avg

Smoking Thinnest Brown Medium Rolling Papers Review & Photos

Today we’re looking at another category of rolling paper from Smoking Brand – their Thinnest Brown Medium. From what we could dig up online about this product it’s apparently the unb...

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