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Alien Labs Area 41 Review

Area 41 from Alien Labs is a hybrid cultivar with a strong aroma and flavour profile featuring elements of leather, musk, wood and earth.

Area 41 is a balanced hybrid that was brought to this planet by the intergalactic breeders over at Alien Labs by combining the Lemon Fuel OG and Gelato 41 strains.

A staple among fans of the beloved Southern California brand, Alien Labs Area 41 has beamed itself into the hearts of many space cadets with its unique lift and smooth flavors, as well as its rocket fuel-like potency. With this creation, the pioneering minds over at Alien Labs have continued to prove that their number one mission in the game is to boldly go where no strain has gone before.

Curious to see how this compares to Lolo’s Lemonade Slusheez or Cabana’s Boss OG.

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Opening this bag let out an aroma that I can most closely attribute to a crisp pair of brand new suede shoes. There’s an instant earthy musk with a very distinct leathery overtone, and dashes of pepper, wood, and a touch of pine, all followed by a good amount of gas. This bud had a rather sophisticated scent profile that I can’t say I’ve ever quite experienced before. Very pleasant and inviting, like a pair of warm slippers waiting by the fire.


The nugs were lime green and frosty with an abundance of dark pumpkin colored hairs. They were fairly large with a decent amount of density, though also a tiny bit crunchy when broken open. There was a small amount of stem and leaf, but not enough to affect anything but the appearance. For the price, I didn’t expect this to look like grade-A top shelf product, so overall I would say the appearance was up to par.


The flavor profile was slightly different from the scent, with the same smooth, musky, leathery base, but layered over that was more of a sweetness from the definitive gelato taste. There was an ironic amount of earthiness to the profile, considering this was an alien creation, with additional subtle hints of orange rind and a gassy herbal touch. Though mildly divergent from the smell, the flavor here was just as uniquely complex and interesting.


This bag was part of batch number YOLO-0910-100721-A41-8F and was packaged on January 25, 2022. Listed with 25.17% THC and costing $30 for an eighth, I found Area 41 from Alien Labs delivered a surprising strong boost with the initial hit. Though it didn’t exactly make me see stars, this weed definitely got me lifted before slowly bringing me back down to earth wrapped in a large dose of muscle and body relaxation. I had a minor back ache before smoking this, probably from all the space exploration, but that was quickly alleviated by the strain’s potent hybrid kick. Definitely recommended if you’re in the mood for hanging out on another planet, or you just want to stop feeling the effects of gravity for a while.

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Alien Labs Area 41 is a balanced hybrid with a leathery musky aroma and flavour profile. Listed with 25.17% THC at $30 for 3.5 grams, I thought this delivered a surprising strong high. Though it didn't exactly make me see stars, this weed definitely got me lifted with a quickness, before slowly bringing me back down to earth wrapped in a large dose of muscle and body relaxation. Plus, I had a minor ache in my back before smoking which was quickly relieved by the strain's potent hybrid kick. This one is definitely worth trying if you can find.
  • Designer smell and flavor
  • Quick and potent high
  • Pain relief with body relaxation
  • Not strong smell profile
  • Couch-lock type high
  • Might get a little spaced out
Smell - 8
Appearance - 7.5
Flavour - 8.1
Experience - 8
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