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Back Forty Apple Fritter Review

Looking for a new strain to add to your collection? Back Forty's Apple Fritter promises a fruity aroma and flavour profile reminiscent of apple pastry. We put it to the test and can't wait to share our honest and entertaining review with you. Get ready for a wild ride and find out if it's worth adding to your stash!

Back Forty Apple Fritter is a hybrid that was created by crossing Sour Apple with Animal Cookies.

This strain boasts high levels of THC, along with dominant terpenes such as caryophyllene, limonene, humulene, pinene, and linalool. These distinctive terpenes are said to create a mouth-watering aroma and flavour reminiscent of freshly baked apple pastries. In this review, we’ll compare it to other popular strains like Delta 9’s Apple Fritter or the fruity Apples & Bananas from Cookies.

Join us as we explore the effects, taste, and overall experience of this strain.

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One of the first things we noticed about Back Forty’s Apple Fritter was its subtle fruity aroma. It was difficult to pinpoint exactly what type of fruit it was. Initially, the scent was barely noticeable, but as we continued to examine the flower, a mild fruity aroma became more apparent. While it may have been apple, it was challenging to discern for sure. Additionally, we detected a very subtle sweet smell, although it seemed like this could have been stronger before the flower was packaged and dried out. Even breaking up the buds produced very little aroma, which may indicate that the terpenes have been affected during the packaging process.


It arrived in the standard silver bag used by Back Forty with a front label that displayed essential information, such as the strain name, brand, weight, cannabinoid content, lot number, and package date. The back of the bag featured a simple graphic demonstrating how to open it.

One issue we noticed was that no humidity shield was included in the packaging. As a result, the buds were extremely dry, and we could feel them crumble into dust with even the slightest pressure between our fingers. However, despite the dryness, the buds displayed a variety of colours, including dark and light green hues with a subtle purple tint. The buds also had dark orange hairs and a moderately thick trichome layer, which suggests that this strain may have been potent.

The trim job of the buds was just okay, as we observed some excess stem and shake that probably should have been removed before packaging. We suspect this strain probably looked more attractive before it dried out.


Since the buds were bone dry, we didn’t need to use a grinder to prepare the flower for smoking. When we rolled a joint, we found that the flavour profile was quite muted. It was difficult to detect any distinct taste, and the smoke was overall fairly bland. While there were some subtle herbal and sweet hints, the flavour was disappointingly unremarkable, and we found the smoke to be a bit harsh.

We suspect that the dryness of the buds played a role in the lack of flavour. If the buds had retained more moisture, they may have had a more pronounced taste. The flavour was underwhelming and did not live up to our expectations.


Our package of Back Forty’s Apple Fritter was part of lot number 23APF01 and was packaged on January 21, 2023. At 26.3% THC, the price of $22.95 for 3.5 grams (or $139.95 for 28 grams) seemed reasonable for the amount and quality of the product. However, despite the high THC content, we did not find this strain to be particularly strong. Instead, it delivered a moderately relaxing physical high with a cerebral fog that lasted for about an hour.

Overall, our experience with Back Forty’s Apple Fritter was not very memorable. The buds were extremely dry, lacking in flavour, and had an average appearance. We were pleased that the strain was not more expensive, but we believe that the experience would be much improved if the buds were fresher. As it stands, we would not recommend this strain unless it were to be packaged more carefully to preserve its freshness.

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Back Forty's Apple Fritter is a hybrid strain created by crossing Sour Apple with Animal Cookies. While the strain's flavour and aroma profile are said to be similar to apple pastry, we found the buds to be extremely dry, resulting in a lack of flavour and a harsh smoke. The appearance and trim job were just average, and we think the strain would benefit from better packaging to preserve its freshness. However, at a price of $22.95 for 3.5 grams (or $139.95 for 28 grams), the THC content was reasonable, and the strain delivered a moderately relaxing physical high with a cerebral fog that lasted about an hour. Overall, this one is average and not particularly memorable in its current state.
  • Moderately relaxing physical high
  • Subtle fruity aroma
  • Price ($22.95 for 3.5 grams)
  • Extremely dry buds
  • Mediocre appearance and trim
  • Harsh smoke and weak flavour
Smell - 6.2
Appearance - 7.2
Flavour - 6.1
Experience - 6.7
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