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Bon Voyage Flight 077 Craft Sapphire Cookies Review

Prepare to embark on a whimsical journey through the wondrous world of Bon Voyage's Flight 077 Craft Sapphire Cookies. This ain't your ordinary strain, my friends. Oh no! It's a blend of tantalizing aromas, meticulously crafted buds, and a high that'll make you question the meaning of life (in the most delightful way, of course). So buckle up, grab your favourite munchies, and get ready to explore.

Bon Voyage Flight 077 Craft Sapphire Cookies is an indica-dominant cross between the two classic strains Girl Scout Cookies and True OG.

This potent flower apparently has a layer of shining trichomes and orange pistils that reflect the flower’s blueberry undertone with a freshly oven-baked sweet cookies flavour. Let’s check and see how it stacks up to other cookie strains like Big Bag O Bud Pink Cookies or Fuga’s Mandarin Cookies.

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We tore open the bag and released an intriguing initial aroma that had subtle hints of citrus intertwined with delicate but more prominent floral notes. It was a unique aromatic experience that immediately caught our attention. We wanted to understand the smell better, so we took another sniff and noticed a cool mix of citrus and flowery scents, with a hint of nostalgic baked cookies. While mild in strength it did remind us of delicious baked treats.


Bon Voyage’s product came in a larger white resealable bag. The front label had essential information, including the brand name, product name, product type, cultivation location, as well as the cannabinoid totals. The back label had the weight of the product, dominant terpenes, grow method, dry method, trim method, curing method, packaging method, plant type, lineage, packaged date, lot number, and company contact details—every aspect is meticulously disclosed.

We emptied the bag, eager to examine the contents within. The buds ranged in size from small to medium, yet bearing a remarkable density that spoke to their quality. A captivating interplay of light and dark greens painted an enchanting tapestry, accentuated by the presence of vibrant orange pistil hairs intricately woven throughout each bud. As we inspected them further, we were delighted to find a moderate layer of glistening trichomes, a testament to the careful and precise trim job that had been executed.


In our customary fashion, we embarked on our journey by hand-rolling a joint. With the initial inhalation, a delightful floral taste graced our palates, courtesy of the farnesene terpene. Its gentle essence danced upon our taste buds, unveiling layers of botanical allure. Yet, intertwined with this floral symphony was a subtle hint of herbal bitterness, adding a touch of complexity to the flavour profile. This intriguing interplay between the delicate floral notes and the nuanced herbal undertones created a harmonious composition that captivated our senses.

As we exhaled, a gentle after-note emerged, reminiscent of a subdued wood-like blandness bestowed by the linalool terpene. It added a touch of earthiness that gracefully lingered, leaving a contemplative impression on our palates. This subtle hint of wood, balanced with the overall floral and herbal notes, contributed to a multifaceted flavour experience that piqued our interest with each puff.


Our bag of Flight 077 Craft Sapphire Cookies from Bon Voyage was part of lot number (L)L009230118 with a package date of January 18, 2023. Boasting an impressive THC content of 29.7% and priced at $31.95 for 3.5 grams, we felt it offered and enticing proposition, balancing both the potency and price.

The high induced was moderate in strength, delivering a unique blend of physical sensations. It invited us into a realm of abstract mental focus, akin to the intriguing enigma of a writer’s block. While it may not be the optimal choice for tasks requiring heightened concentration or sharp memory retention, it offered a distinctive mental state that encouraged introspection and creative contemplation.

Accompanying this mental journey was a gentle physical relaxation that pervaded our bodies. A subtle sense of tranquility, ushering in a state of mellowed vibes. This balanced fusion of mental focus and physical relaxation created an enjoyable high that was versatile that is suitable for various times of the day.

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Bon Voyage's Flight 077 Craft Sapphire Cookies is an intriguing cannabis strain with a unique aroma featuring hints of citrus and floral. The buds display remarkable density and a captivating interplay of colours even though they were dry. With a harmonious flavour profile that combines delicate floral notes and subtle herbal bitterness, we enjoyed the taste more then the aroma. This versatile strain induces a balanced high, combining mental focus with physical relaxation. With an impressive THC content of 29.7% and priced at $31.95 for 3.5 grams, it offers an enticing option.
  • Strong relaxing high
  • Meticulously disclosed packaging and product details
  • Versatile high suitable for day or night
  • No humidity shield included
  • Wood-like afternote might be bland
  • Not available in larger quantities
Smell - 6.9
Appearance - 7.6
Flavour - 7.1
Experience - 7.3
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