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Botany Farms Pink Runtz Review

Step into a world of cannabis luxury with Botany Farms' Pink Runtz, a tantalizing hybrid that promises an exotic journey of flavors and effects. Join us as we delve into the captivating aroma, vibrant aesthetics, and the smooth, euphoric ride that awaits in our in-depth review.

Botany Farms Pink Runtz is a hybrid phenotype of the original Runtz, a well-known cultivar that stems from a crossing of the hugely popular Zkittlez and Gelato strains (originally bred by Terphogz and Sherbinskis, respectively). Botany Farms describes this flower as “a luxuriously exotic cannabis strain featuring an alluring palette of sweet and fruity flavors”, which is a quite accurate description of this product’s pleasantly unique profile. These THCA covered buds were almost indistinguishable in appearance from traditional high-quality flower on the market, and looked every bit as enticing.

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The initial scent was a wave of sugary pine with a sweet candy backing and a smooth minty finish. There were background notes of lavender, grapefruit, meaty spices, and cedar that made the mixture more complex and interesting than most Runtz. The scent profile came across as zesty, bright, and very soothing.


The buds were big and chunky with a bright, bubbly appearance. The surface of the flower was covered in a sea of trichomes and vivid coloring, with a nicely dense and crisp body when broken open. The trim was slightly leafy but nicely cured, with an impressive overall appearance.


The flavor jumped out as sweet, floral, and minty, with a lightly fruity backend and various complex herbal and woody notes. Overall, the profile came across as very hearty and satisfying, with a pleasant and tangy aftertaste that coated the mouth for several minutes after each hit.


The initial buzz was very smooth, with a lightly heady onset that felt uplifting and euphoric. After a few minutes there was a warm body buzz that crept in and left my legs feeling a bit melted. The high started off somewhat energetic but noticeably distracting (I kept starting tasks and then forgetting what I was doing) before it eventually mellowed into a soothing wave of sleepiness and a definite increase in appetite.

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The Pink Runtz, a hybrid phenotype of the well-known Runtz strain, is described by Botany Farms as a luxuriously exotic cannabis with sweet and fruity flavors. The buds, covered in THCA, closely resemble high-quality flower and boast a delightful scent of sugary pine, sweet candy, and a minty finish, with complex undertones of lavender, grapefruit, spices, and cedar. Visually, the buds are large, chunky, and vibrant, with a dense and crisp body. The taste is a combination of sweet, floral, and minty notes, complemented by fruity and herbal undertones. The experience begins with a smooth, uplifting buzz, followed by a warm body sensation and eventual relaxation. The high transitions from energetic to mellow, inducing a soothing wave of sleepiness and increased appetite. Overall, the Pink Runtz offers a unique and satisfying profile with a pleasant aftertaste.
  • Sweet, floral, and minty flavor
  • Visually vibrant and high-quality appearance
  • Smooth, uplifting, and euphoric buzz
  • Slightly leafy trim
  • Initial buzz can be distracting
  • A little less sweet than most runtz
SMELL - 8.6
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