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Boundless CFX+ Herb Vaporizer Review

The CFX+ vaporizer from Boundless Technology features a 1.7-inch TFT screen, fast warm-up, multiple temperature settings and a rugged case.

Last weekend we reviewed the Vexil from Boundless and were impressed by it’s relatively simple design and efficient operation.

Today we’re looking at the next level up which is the CFX+ model that features a 1.7″ TFT touch display. The Boundless CFX+ Herb Vaporizer is more expensive than the Vexil but also heats up quicker and has a very rugged exterior casing, which is why Boundless claims it’s one of their faster and more efficient portable devices available. Let’s put it to the test and see.

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After opening the box my first impression was how the CFX+ felt very solid just like the Vexil.

It weighs 211 grams and measures 2.75″ wide by 3.75″ high with a varying thickness depending on where you measure. The side without buttons is 1″ deep whereas the side with buttons is 1.25″.

While definitely larger than other units we’ve used, that extra space is needed to fit the full-colour 1.7 inch digital display which is capable of showing your battery life, current and selected heating temperature, pre-heat status, preset temperature level, automatic shut-off timer and a settings menu.

The mouthpiece uses a zirconia cooling air path in an effort to create a smooth vaping experience and has a conveniently hidden stir tool that has been built into the lid. This small tool helps when you need to loosen the dried herb in the ceramic heating chamber. Boundless also included a cleaning brush, 2 mouth piece replacement screens and a reset tool we hope to never need.

In case you’re wondering, the CFX+ has a USB-C charging port and includes a USB-C charging cable so you shouldn’t have any complications or issues when a charge is needed.

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We were surprised to learn this unit only had 2 buttons which consisted of an up arrow and a down arrow. Does that mean this is easier to use then the traditional 3 button devices?

To turn the device on or off, hold down both buttons for 3 seconds and the device will vibrate to tell you the on/off status is changing. Once the device is on, it immediately begins to heat up which is indicated by a circular timer showing the time remaining until the desired temperature is achieved based on the last setting used.

You can also cancel the heat up process and return to the home screen by pressing the 2 buttons simultaneously once. To change the temperature while the device is heating up, simply press the up arrow or down arrow button which modifies the temperature in 1 degree intervals. After a session ends, the machine enters a cool down period and the display turns off shortly afterwards, however you should remember that the device is still ON.

Pressing either up or down button lets you navigate the home screen. The home screen menu shows the following settings: Start, Temperature (select Fahrenheit or Celsius), Session Auto-Shut off Timer Length (2, 4, 6, 8 minutes), Screen Brightness (low or high), and a Settings option that lets you choose between Precision Control (250°F/120°C – 430°F/221°C) with 4 Presets:

  • Green (low) – 377℉ / 192℃
  • Purple (medium) – 399℉ / 204℃
  • Blue (medium high) – 413℉ / 212℃
  • Red (hot) – 428℉ / 225℃

In our experience, when the device is used from a cold state, it can take around 25-30 seconds before being able to draw any hits. When it comes down to battery efficiency, when the temperature was set to maximum and the brightness on low, a 2 minute session burned about 5% of the battery. Charging the device from 0% battery will take about an hour which isn’t bad considering the device lasts 6-8 uses.

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The Boundless CFX+ is available from their website for $199.99 USD plus shipping and includes a 3 year device warranty with 90 days for the battery.

The unit is definitely larger then some competitors but that is made up for with a very useful digital display. The size of the ceramic chamber is larger than other devices we’ve seen but still seems small compared to the overall device size itself. The most impressive aspect that even surprised us is how much this device extends the longevity of bud since we could go 2 or 3 sessions at least before needing to reload the chamber.

Even though this unit will set you back $200, we found it extremely easy to use and would allow someone new to vaping to get up and running in just a few seconds.

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boundless cfx herb vaporizer review photos 5 merry jade
Boundless Technology's CFX+ herb vaporizer features a 1.7" TFT touch display, fast heating and a very rugged exterior casing. Even though it costs $200, we felt it was easy to use and would be a great for someone who's new to vaping because it's display tells you everything you need to know.
  • Informative user interface
  • Quick warm-up and smooth pulls
  • Can customize with multiple settings
  • Price point $199.99 (plus shipping)
  • Have to pull gently or airflow clogs
  • Battery only lasts for 6-8 sessions
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