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Boundless Technology Terp Pen XL Vaporizer Review

The Terp Pen XL from Boundless Technology features adjustable temperature settings and improved ceramic coil design for better airflow and larger dabs.

We’ve been expanding our cannabis extract reviews so it seems like a good time to also find the best hardware to consume these different concentrates.

A few weeks ago you might remember we tested Boundless Technology’s Terp Pen which was made to both maximize flavour and discretion. Overall we thought the device was solid given the reasonable price and simple design point so today we’re checking out the big brother version – Boundless Technology Terp Pen XL.

It will be interesting to see how this compares to Stone Smith’s Vaporizers or the less discreet but very powerful Stinger 2 from Human Sucks.

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The XL model feels significantly thicker then the standard Terp Pen but at the same time was lighter than expected, weighing only 0.8 oz (0.5 lb), and measuring 16 mm x 149 mm x 16 mm (0.63-in x 5.87-in 0.63-in). The battery is 320 mAh 3.7v which takes approximately 45 minutes to fully charge and should be monitored as the user guide says not to charge longer than 24 hours.

It feels like you’re holding a large pen or marker but that marker just happens to be made out of 100% medical-grade stainless steel.

Unlike many other concentrate devices, the Terp Pen XL uses an external heating coil made of ceramic that is activated by your breath. It sounds weird if you’ve never used one before however I found their system to be reliable, quick and started instantly every time I used it.

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When comparing this unit to the regular Terp Pen, one of the noticeable differences right away is the touch-control features. Instead of only having a single temperature setting, this model allows you can switch between 3 different settings by simply tapping the body of the device.

The temperature settings are displayed according to these colours:

  • Blue (Low) 3.3v
  • Green (Medium) 3.7v
  • Red (High) 4.0v

Typically a lower temperature will produce a stronger flavour from the concentrate.

This same LED system will also notify you about remaining battery life. If you tap the body of the pen 2 times rapidly, the LED will light up to indicate a range of battery life remaining. Green means there is 66-100% battery remaining, Blue means there is 33-65% and Red means there is 32% – 0%. We found that the battery lasts around 10 sessions with each session being around 10 seconds long. After this point it became noticeable that the coil was not getting as hot as it needed.

The quick start guide contains a lot of safety related information along with a bunch of excellent starter tips on using the coil, how to clean and maintain the device, modifying temperature settings, checking battery life, and cleaning the coil itself. Boundless has made a good effort to assure newcomers get up and running quickly.

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Boundless Technology’s Terp Pen XL is an electronic aromatherapy device specifically designed for consuming herbal concentrates and retails for $49.99 USD which is a good price point in our opinion.

Included with the Terp Pen XL and the external Coil is also a charging cable, a cleaning brush, and a scoop tool with a pointed end. The scoop side is well designed to mimic a spoon while being thin as well. The pointy end is a neat addition and useful when you learn that it is used to clean out resin build up in the coil air intake holes.

They believe in the quality of their products so they offer a 3-year manufacturer warranty covering mechanical defects and a 90-day for the coil and battery.

Between the ease of using the device, it’s impressive longevity, and the flavours we can discern from the concentrates we used it with, we enjoyed the Boundless Terp Pens very much. Our only gripe (if you want to call it that) is even with regular coil maintenance, we’ll likely be replacing the coils on a monthly basis but since 2 pack of coils is $9.99 USD. Not a huge concern but just something to note.

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Boundless Technology's Terp Pen XL is made to easily and quickly consume cannabis concentrates. It features adjustable temperature settings and improved ceramic coil design for better airflow. Easy to use, larger hits, impressive longevity and the noticeable improvement to flavours were all good reasons to grab the Terp Pen XL.
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Very fast to recharge and heat up
  • Price point ($49.99 USD)
  • Coils will need to be regularly replaces
  • Lasts 10 x 10 second sessions on highest temperature
  • Regular maintenance is required to maintain longevity
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