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Boundless Vexil Herb Vaporizer Review

The Vexil Herb Vaporizer delivers a premium vaping experience in a compact yet high quality and efficient device.

Boundless Technology was founded in 2016 to spread awareness of herbal vaporizers and their many benefits by providing an efficient, and straightforward experience for the consumer.

Today we’re reviewing their Vexil model which is compact but Boundless says can still deliver an unparalleled experience for its class. The Boundless Vexil Herb Vaporizer is our first encounter with this brand so we’re curious how they stack up to competing units.

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The product arrived in small black box that was sealed in plastic. After removing the Vexil from it’s packaging I was struck by the weighty and durable feel. Boundless indicates they made this from high grade materials in an effort to extend the lifetime and I can definitely verify the solid feeling.

Several people thought the appearance reminded them of a phaser from Star Trek because of it’s unique shape (similar to computer mouse) and the fact it rests comfortably in your hand. This feeling of comfort extends to the combustion chamber and mouthpiece as the Vexil delivers a very smooth hit using it’s Zirconia spiral cooling air path. Plus, to assure you don’t misplace the mouthpiece it uses a magnetic connector that also makes refilling the chamber simple and fast.

One neat feature they included was the ability to put the unit in “Stealth Mode” when out in public (for example), this hides the LED’s and creates a more discreet experience.

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The Vexil is straightforward to use because you only need to hit one or two buttons and you’re ready to roll. On the left side of the unit you’ll see three buttons, 2 are triangles and 1 is a square. Simply tap the square button 5 times in quick succession to activate the Vexil. Before you fill it with your best herb they recommend running it empty the first time just to clear away any impurities that might have been picked up during transport.

After that initial run it’s ready to fill with your favourite bud and enjoy. Remember the triangle buttons are for your temperature control and this device comes with 4 settings:

  • Green (low) – 377℉ / 192℃
  • Purple (medium) – 399℉ / 204℃
  • Blue (medium high) – 413℉ / 212℃
  • Red (hot) – 437℉ / 225℃

Higher temperature should produce a bigger hit, but also might reduce the flavour at the same time. So you’ll need to experiment and find your personal sweet spot.

The ceramic chamber holds 0.5 grams of cannabis however we found it works better when you don’t pack too much at once as you still want a decent amount of air flow. After loading the chamber and powering up it will take between 15 and 20 seconds to go from cold, it will vibrate to let you know it’s ready. The front display has a light that indicates whether the device is ready in addition to how much battery charge you have left.

In terms of ease of use, the Vexil is pretty simple and would be suitable for veterans or someone just getting into cannabis.

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The Vexil is available from the Boundless website for $119.99 (USD) plus shipping. This includes the device, cleaning brush, USB-C charging cable and 2 mouthpiece screens.

If you’re looking for a portable, high quality herb vaporizer then you could do a lot worse then the Vexil. I expected this unit to be good quality but never imagined I would be using it as much as I have been in the last month. It might come in a small package but it delivers a big experience and I’m getting the impression it will be in my rotation for a while.

The Vexil from Boundless is our first experience with this brand and they’re off to a great start.

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Boundless Vexil is a herb vaporizer that is made to be portable, durable and simple. We found that even though this unit arrived in a small package it delivered a big experience. The Vexil offers all the functions you could want in portable device including "Stealth Mode" for when you're vaping in public.
  • Stealth mode for public vaping
  • 4 temperature control settings
  • Made from durable materials
  • Price ($119 plus shipping)
  • Chamber only holds 0.5g
  • Flavour of flower not as strong compared to joints
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