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18twelve is a cannabis brand located in Duncan, British Columbia and is part of the United Greeneries network. When they started their company they decided they didn't want to be just another marijuana grower, instead they wanted to craft something truly special and savoury. Although they may not offer a ton of different strains and variety, what they do cultivate is excellent and top shelf in terms of quality. Below you will find our 18twelve cannabis reviews.

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Product Reviews

18twelve 8 ball kush cannabis review 8.5 Blazed 8.7 Blazed User Avg

18Twelve 8 Ball Kush Cannabis Review & Photos

We love Kush strains and 18Twelve has been on our radar the last month because of their 8 Ball Kush. 18Twelve is a west coast grower with a purpose-built indoor facility. Their website claims that eve...

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