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7pipe was founded in 2007 by Jeffrey Han who discovered his passion and talent for design around the same time despite having zero formal training. It was actually his second and third product that gained a loyal group of followers and put the business on solid footing to grow. The 7Pipe Classic and 7Pipe Pro are both now available across time distributed nationwide in the US plus head shops in Canada, Australia, EU, Hong Kong, Georgia and Chile. Jeffrey and his team are now expanding the product line with items like the Suka in additional to several other interesting ideas planned. Below you'll find our 7pipe product reviews.

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Product Reviews

7pipe suka pipe review and photos 5 merry jade 8.4 Blazed 8.8 Blazed User Avg

7pipe Suka Pipe Review

The 7pipe Suka Pipe was designed to make life easier for on-the-go smokers. A few months ago we checked out 7Pipe’s Twisty Blunt Original and thought it was a really neat concept so now felt lik...

7 pipe twisty glass blunt review photos 5 merry jade 8.6 Blazed 8.3 Blazed User Avg

7pipe Twisty Glass Blunt Review

The 7pipe Twisty Glass Blunt is supposed to represent the start of the paperless revolution. 7pipe is one of a handful of companies focused on creating devices to smoke cannabis that don’t requi...

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