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Canaca is a cannabis brand located in Toronto, Ontario and part of the Aphria network. They have a passion for marijuana along with all the benefits offered by this incredible flower. Canaca also believes in delivering the gold standard in terms of a consistent flavour, aroma and experience. In order to achieve this they rely on a vertically integrated supply chain that uses a state-of-the-art cultivation and production facility. Below you'll find our Canaca cannabis reviews.

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Product Reviews

canaca blend 14 review prerolls 5 merry jade 6.8 High 6.8 High User Avg

Canaca Blend 14 Pre-Roll Review

Blend 14 from Canaca is a hybrid cannabis blend of trichome-dense, hand-harvested flower that was grown in their high-tech greenhouse. While the exact strains were not disclosed, the enticing aspect o...

canaca blend 19 pre rolls review photos 5 merry jade 6.1 High 5 Buzzed User Avg

Canaca Blend 19 Pre-Roll Review & Photos

Canaca’s Blend 19 is a budget pre-roll that combines various cannabis strains and is carefully rolled into three half-gram joints, offering a hassle-free and convenient way to indulge in high-qu...

canaca green cush review cannabis photos cannibros 7.5 Cooked 7.8 Cooked User Avg

Canaca Green Cush Review & Cannabis Photos

A few weeks ago we checked out Tweed’s Green Cush strain and thought it was good even though we ordered thinking it was Green Kush. This sativa-dominant cultivar from Canaca is known for it̵...

canaca alien dawg review cannabis photos cannibros 7 Cooked 6.3 High User Avg

Canaca Alien Dawg Review & Cannabis Photos

Canaca’s Alien Dawg is an indica-dominant strain from Northern California with Afghani roots that is classified as being mid-range in terms of THC potency. It’s the result of crossing Alie...

canaca mango review cannabis photos cannibros 7.5 Cooked 5.9 Buzzed User Avg

Canaca Mango Review & Cannabis Photos

Canaca’s Mango is an indica-dominant strain that gets its flavour from a high terpene ratio of myrcene (commonly found in mangoes). This flower is described as being dark in colour with deep red...

canaca cannabis purps review photos cannibros 7 Cooked 6.3 High User Avg

Canaca Purps Review & Cannabis Photos

Canaca describes their Purps hybrid strain as having unknown origins but shares a genetic lineage with Mendocino Purps. This cultivar is known for it’s frosted green buds which are a mix of gree...

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