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Edison Cannabis Co.

Edison Cannabis Co. is a licensed producer located in Ontario, Canada and part of the Organigram network. They have a simple mission: to elevate the mind, body and spirit of everyone they work with. From company to consumer, their goal is to provide the best experience for their users, while always looking for ways to improve. How do they go about it? By finding simple solutions to complex challenges, listening to their plants, their people, and finding joy in the ordinary. It means different things to different people, but no matter what, they’ll help you find the right products for your needs and show you how to use them safely and effectively. The Edison brand won't drive you to work in the morning, or brew your coffee, but it does promise something that matters: dried flower, pre-roll, edibles and extract products that just keep getting better. Below you'll find our Edison cannabis strain reviews.

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Product Reviews

edison space cake review cannabis photos 7 merry jade 7.2 Cooked 8.4 Blazed User Avg

Edison Cannabis Co Space Cake Review

If you’re a fan of indica-dominant hybrids and looking for a new strain to try, you might want to check out Space Cake from Edison Cannabis Co. Edison Cannabis Co Space Cake is a unique blend of...

edison cannabis co mmosa review photos 5 cannibros 7.4 Cooked

Edison Cannabis Co M’mosa Review

Edison Cannabis Co M’mosa is an sativa-dominant strain that was created by crossing Purple Punch with Clementine to produce a thick and potent flower. Edison describes this strain as resembling ...

edison cannabis co mac 1 review photos cannibros 8.1 Blazed 8.5 Blazed User Avg

Edison Cannabis Co MAC 1 Review

MAC-1 has become one of our favourite strains. This well-know and popular hybrid was originally created when some genius decided Miracle 15 should be crossed with Alien Cookies. The end result is pure...

edison cannabis co gmo cookies review photos cannibros 7 Cooked 7.4 Cooked User Avg

Edison Cannabis Co GMO Cookies Review

Edison Cannabis Co GMO Cookies (also called Garlic Cookies) was created when Girl Scout Cookies was crossed with the diesely Chemdawg. The end result was a plant that has a high THC potential and prod...

edison cannabis limelight review and photos cannibros 8.1 Blazed 8.4 Blazed User Avg

Edison Cannabis Co Limelight (Ultra Sour) Review

Edison Cannabis Co Limelight is a sativa-dominant strain that they describe as having a tangy, sour flavour that very much reminds you of fresh-cut limes. Their website also notes that Limelight (some...

edison cannabis chemdog review and photos cannibros 7 Cooked 8 Blazed User Avg

Edison Cannabis Co Chemdog Review

We’ve reviewed a bunch of different Edison products and so far it’s been a mixed bag of results. We’ll be trying Edison Cannabis Co Chemdog and we’re not sure what to think. So...

edison cannabis co icc cannabis review photos 7.4 Cooked 8.4 Blazed User Avg

Edison Cannabis Co ICC Review

Another Edison product! We like this brand but we’ve found they’ve been hit and miss. For example, Black Cherry Punch from Edison was one of our top rated reviews however their Samurai Spy...

edison cannabis co black cherry punch review 9 Stoned 8.1 Blazed User Avg

Edison Cannabis Co Black Cherry Punch Review

With an extremely potent smell of sweet black cherries causing one to salivate, the bright green solid small to medium nuggets surprise with a clear, amazing flavor of black cherries true to its name,...

edison cannabis co samurai spy review 5.8 Buzzed 6.7 High User Avg

Edison Cannabis Co Samurai Spy Review

A strong spicy pepperish scent from small stringy buds had a mild earthy flavor with a hint of wood and pine needles, climaxing with a mild short-lived high.

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