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Fuego is a cannabis brand located in Ontario and part of the Ayurcann Holdings Corp network. Ayurcann is an industry leader with a focus on creating custom processes and pharma grade cannabis products for Canadians. Fuego's area of focus is specifically creating high quality 510 vape cartridges in a number strains and flavours including Pink Kush, Cherry Blossom OG and Wedding Crasher. However more strains are planned for the near future. Below you'll find our Fuego vape and product reviews.

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Product Reviews

fuego sunny daze pre rolls review photos 6 merry jade 7.1 Cooked 8.2 Blazed User Avg

Fuego Sunny Daze Pre-Roll Review & Photos

Introducing Sunny Daze from Fuego – a pre-rolled joint that boasts a sativa-dominant lineage with an intriguing and mysterious lineage. Despite its unclear origins, this joint is infused with a ...

fuego death bubba dab review photos 5 merry jade 7.1 Cooked 8.2 Blazed User Avg

Fuego Death Bubba Dablicator Review & Photos

The Death Bubba Dablicator from Fuego is a type of concentrated extract in a simple-to-use distillate pen that is highly portable and very potent. If you’re after precision dosing, then you use ...

Fuego Strawberry Cannacolada Vape Review 5 merry jade 7.8 Cooked

Fuego Strawberry Cannacolada 510 Vape Review

Strawberry Cannacolada from Fuego is a 510 vape cartridge with a taste described as strawberries, pineapple and coconut. Plus, at 87% THC content it’s a potent product and ideal for when you nee...

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