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Ghost Drops

Ghost Drops is a cannabis brand located in Toronto, Ontario. They started their company in a nondescript warehouse in 2017 with the goal of shining a light on the most talented people working in the darkest corners of the industry. Ghosts are something experienced but never seen — discreet drops and innovative cannabis products are what their team is all about. Since converting from the legacy market to legal their goal remains that same - to grow the best quality flower in Ontario. Below you will find out Ghost Drops cannabis strain reviews.

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Product Reviews

ghost drops first class funk review cannabis photos 5 merryjade 8 Blazed 6.9 High User Avg

Ghost Drops First Class Funk Review

Earlier this week we reviewed Z-Splitter from Ghost Drops and thought it was pretty solid so today we’re checking out their other strain… First Class Funk. This potent hybrid flower was cr...

ghost drops z splitter review cannabis photos 5 merryjade 8.1 Blazed 6.3 High User Avg

Ghost Drops Z-Splitter Review

This product represents our first experience with Ghost Drops, however members of the community have been mentioning them for some time so we’re curious about their quality. Ghost Drops Z-Splitt...

weed me wedding cannabis review photos 7 Cooked 7.6 Cooked User Avg

Weed Me Wedding Cake Review

Weed Me Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant strain that was created by crossbreeding Cherry Pie with Girl Scout Cookies. The end result was a dense, frosty flower known for producing a delicious fruity...

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