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Hustle and Shake

Hustle & Shake is a Canadian cannabis brand focused on developing aromatic and flavourful terpene enhanced distillates and artisan craft concentrates. Their products are designed molecule by molecule starting with THC rich cannabis that has the essential cannabinoids extracted to produce a 90%+ THC distillate. This formula is then mixed with over 30 different terpene compounds in order to create customized effect and flavour profiles. Below you will find our Hustle & Shake product reviews.

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Product Reviews

hustle shake flavour of month dark shadow x ghost train haze review 7 merry jade 6.3 High 5.9 Buzzed User Avg

Hustle & Shake Flavour of Month (Dark Shadow x Ghost Train Haze) Review

Introducing Hustle & Shake Flavour of Month, a potent sativa-dominant strain that was made by crossing Dark Shadow and Ghost Train Haze. While information about this product may be scarce, we do k...

hustle shake king of the north review vape photos 4 merry jade 7.5 Cooked

Hustle & Shake King of the North Vape Review

Hustle & Shake King of the North Vape cartridge is a type of cannabis product that leans towards making you feel relaxed. It has roots connected to a strain called Obama Kush, which is known for i...

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