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Moon Group

The Moon Group was founded in 2010 and has become a leading supplier of rolling papers that are produced in a state-of-the-art facility. Currently thousands of retailers and wholesalers around the world carry Moon brand rolling papers because of their reliable quality, great taste and reasonable price. Moon offers a wide variety of sizes, formats, flavours and branding options if you're interested in white labelling. Below you'll find all of our Moon Group rolling paper reviews.

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Product Reviews

moon fine rolling papers review photos 5 merry jade 7 Cooked

Moon Fine Rolling Papers Review & Photos

Today we’re continuing our rolling paper reviews with another product from the Moon Group. These “fine” papers are the lightest available from this brand and achieve high air permeab...

moon apple flavored rolling papers review photos 4 merry jade 6.9 High

Moon Apple Flavour Rolling Papers Review & Photos

A few weeks ago we reviewed Moon’s 1 1/4″ unbleached rolling papers and thought they were perfectly acceptable even though we hadn’t heard of the company before. Today we’re ch...

moon 1 14 unbleached rolling papers review photos 4 merry jade 7.2 Cooked

Moon 1 1/4″ Unbleached Rolling Papers Review & Photos

We grew up on Zig Zag rolling papers because aside from Players or Rizla, I don’t remember there being a whole lot of variety at the convenience stores. But now there’s more kinds then I c...

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