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Ness cannabis is part of the BZAM Management group which is made up of a diverse group of people with a shared passion for cannabis. As a licensed producer, their missions is to exceed the high expectations of Canada’s cannabis consumers. Everyone from the growers to the label designers work hard to assure their customers always receive a top shelf product. Below you will find our Ness cannabis reviews.

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Product Reviews

ness sour strawberry kush review cannabis photos cannibros 7.2 Cooked

Ness Sour Strawberry Kush Review & Cannabis Photos

We’re familiar with this LP because of their Lemon Berry strain so today we’re looking at another strain from them. Sour Strawberry Kush from Ness is an indica-dominant flower known for hi...

ness black cherry punch cannabis review photos 7.3 Cooked 7.9 Cooked User Avg

Ness Black Cherry Punch Cannabis Review & Photos

We’ve had some great experiences with Black Cherry Punch strains and have really enjoyed the products offered by ~ness so we were thrilled to merge these into one review. Black Cherry Punch from...

ness lemon berry cannabis review photos 7.5 Cooked 8.2 Blazed User Avg

Ness Lemon Berry Cannabis Review & Photos

This strain of Lemon Berry cannabis is described as having a bright and citrusy flavour dotted with vanilla bean and wild blueberries, rounding off with a creamy finish. It’s a hybrid is descend...

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