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Orchid CBD

Orchid CBD is a cannabis brand within the Cannara Biotech network, dedicated to delivering CBD-dominant products. They understand the desire for balanced cannabis experiences without compromising on quality.

Their cannabis is sourced from rare CBD-dominant genetics. It undergoes a meticulous process, including hang-drying, slow-curing, and hand-trimming, ensuring exceptional quality. Their team is committed to eco-friendly practices and packages its products in airtight and environmentally conscious packaging.

Cannara Biotech, Quebec's largest premium indoor cannabis producer located in Farnham, QC, cultivates the cannabis with love for Orchid CBD. This partnership ensures that the CBD-dominant cannabis products offered meet the highest standards of excellence.

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Product Reviews

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Orchid CBD CBD Runtz Review

From Exotic Genetix, CBD Runtz is a sativa-dominant strain that crosses Runtz and Mystic Magic (CBD). Orchid CBD CBD Runtz is a blend of CBD and THC that has been carefully cultivated indoors, hang dr...

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