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RAD (Really Awesome Dope)

RAD (Really Awesome Dope) is a licensed US cannabis brand with distribution in both the United States and Canada. Currently they offer a number of different formats including dried flower, pre-rolled blunts, extracts, pre-rolled joints, vape carts and edibles. Their team creates potent strains infused and flavoured with THC distillate, perfect for topping up your pre-roll or your next bowl. With a focus on quality, low prices and customer satisfaction, the founders want RAD to be known as a customer focused brand. Below you'll find our RAD (Really Awesome Dope) cannabis product reviews.

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Product Reviews

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RAD Frosted Fuji Berry 510 Vape Cartridge Review

Frosted Fuji Berry from RAD Vapes (Really. Awesome. Dope.) is a 1 gram 510 cartridge that promises to be a tropical blizzard of flavours mixing sweet apple and tart nectarines with a sweet berry exhal...

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