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THC Kiss

THC Kiss is a cannabis brand located in Kelowna, British Columbia and part of the THC Biomed network. They make full-spectrum cannabis infused edibles that are affordable and have a total of 10mg of THC content. Currently they make THC Kiss Guava and Mango beverage shots, THC Kiss Strawberry and Orange Gummies, and THC Kiss Cocoa, Shortbread, and Cinnamon Biscuits. Below you fill find our THC Kiss reviews.

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Product Reviews

thc kiss cinnamon biscuit review edibles photos 4 merryjade 7.1 Cooked

THC Kiss Cinnamon Biscuit Review

THC Kiss bakes edibles with 10mg of THC so today we’re reviewing one that is suppose to taste like cinnamon. This is the second product we’re tried from this brand and we’re wonderin...

thc kiss cocoa biscuit review edibles photos 4 merryjade 6.2 High 7 Cooked User Avg

THC Kiss Cocoa Biscuit Review

This cannabis-infused Cocoa Biscuit is sold by THC Kiss which is a brand operated by THC BioMed. THC Kiss Cocoa Biscuit has a total of 10mg of THC which puts it on the mild side of things but also is ...

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