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Well Made

Well Made by Wagners offers 28 gram bags of cannabis that aim to meet the needs of large format consumers, striking the perfect balance of quality, potency, and price. With a focus on delivering exceptional genetics and maintaining a high level of consistent quality, they continue the tradition that has made Wagners a popular choice across Canada. Each bag of Well Made cannabis is carefully curated to ensure that customers receive a satisfying and reliable experience. The selection of genetics guarantees that the flower meets the desired standards for flavour, aroma, and effects. Whether it's for personal use or sharing with friends, they provide an ample quantity of cannabis to cater to the needs of the large format consumer. With its reputation for delivering consistent quality, Wagners extends its legacy to Well Made, ensuring that customers can trust the product they are purchasing. This brand was created to meet the needs of the Canadian market, providing a reliable and satisfying cannabis option for consumers across the country. Below you'll find our Well Made strain reviews.

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Well Made Mac Daddy Purpz Review

Well Made Mac Daddy Purpz is a hybrid strain that predominantly exhibits indica characteristics. Sold by Well Made, the specific lineage remains undisclosed, but they said it does have a visually stri...

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