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BZAM Cannabis Nut Butter Review

Nut Butter from BZAM Cannabis is an indica-dominant strain with high THC potential and an earthy/nutty flavour profile.

BZAM Cannabis describes their Nut Butter strain as “a lip-smacking strain with very strong THC, grape-shaped flowers and red-orange pistils smothered in white and purple crystals”.

BZAM Cannabis Nut Butter is an indica-dominant strain which was created by crossing Mendobreath F2 and The White to produce a smooth taste with high THC and low CBD. On their website BZAM explains how the sweet and nutty flavour Nut Butter delivers is the result of it’s terpene mix which includes myrcene, limonene and linalool. Everything sounds nice, but how does it smoke?

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The product arrived in a small black bag with zipper seal. Opening the back and inhaling deeply… at first we were not sure what to make of the aroma. We’ve never smelled anything like this before. It was a fusion of sweet and sour which tapers off into black pepper territory.


These buds look quite nice, despite all the dry flakes. Creeping orange and white hairs, nice checker pattern of green tones, and a through coating of trichomes. It is hard to describe the touch of this bud. It didn’t feel like a plant but more like a soft fabric … which could be due to the product being a bit stale. The package indicated the bud was harvested in October 2020, packaged in December 2020, and purchased in June 2021. Plus the bag did not have a moisture pack or terpene shield.


We tend to test a 1-paper joint in the morning, then try a 2-paper joint later the same day to solidify our interpretations of the findings. With a very dominant sweet and sour lemon profile, it isn’t complete without a mild peppery aftertaste.


Nut Butter from BZAM Cannabis delivered a buzz that honestly felt a little lack luster. Like how the smell and flavour were okay but nothing wonderful… similar words could be said about the high. It felt mild to strong on the mind causing little to no distraction while producing a moderate relaxing tingle on the body.

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Nut Butter from BZAM Cannabis has a unique smell and flavour, but was not memorable. We always ask ourselves "Would we tell a friend about this product?" and the answer in this case would be "no". This product is okay but nothing amazing. The buzz felt mild to strong on the mind during the onset while producing a moderate relaxing tingle on the body. However that initial feeling disappeared rather quickly.
  • Wonderful colours
  • Good daytime high
  • Low price point
  • No moisture pack
  • Flavour and smell are hard to identify
  • Bud felt like cloth to the touch
Smell - 6.8
Appearance - 7.2
Flavour - 6.8
Experience - 7.1
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Since high school my friends and I have been recreational cannabis users so we decided to start Merry Jade after legalization in 2019. We review and photograph the different products then share them on this website. The rating system we use is called “SAFE” which stands for Smell, Appearance, Flavour and Experience. Each category gets a score out of 10.

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  1. You know, this one was a real let down. I wasn’t expecting it to taste like a PB&J sandwich but I also wasn’t expecting borderline ditch weed.

    For starters, I hate vacuum packs. They work well if you fill the space of air you sucked out with an inert gas like Nitrogen but when you just vacuum pack them like you vacuum pack your rib roast you lose those precious terps even faster. Nevertheless, the buds in my pack had an appearance similar to a toasted marshmallow with plenty of orange hairs mixed with a dirty green. Smell….what smell? Taste….dirt and that’s about it. No humectant used coupled with the aforementioned vacuum packaging makes for some borderline petrified buds. Of course all this negativity leads to the final note on experience. Disappointing. Even at reasonably high THC levels the high was just so lackluster it really turned me off of Bzam products thinking they might all be this underwhelming. Having said that maybe I got an old batch or perhaps Dave is being too kind or both. Product is reasonably priced too.

    • Awesome feedback as usual.


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