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Cali Pink Dimez Pre-Rolls Review

Pink Dimez from Cali is pre-rolled Pink Diamonds which is a hybrid with a cotton candy, vanilla taste and smell.

Cali Pink Dimez is pre-rolled version of Cali’s Pink Diamonds which is a hybrid that was created by crossing the crowd favourite Pink Kush with Black Diamond.

This strain is known for producing a distinct vanilla and cotton candy aroma along with having dense, frosty buds that were perfectly trimmed. Cali says these pre-rolled joints use flower direct from the cola to ensure no stems, sticks or shake make their way into the roll. Let’s see how this compares to the unrolled flower version in addition to similar pre-rolls like Blue Topaz from Queen of Bud.

cali pink dimez pre rolls review photos 1 merry jade


The product from Cali arrived in a black resealable zipper pouch. We took a whiff inside the pouch and found a soft sweet floral aroma. The pre-rolls themselves were contained inside a black cardboard box similar to a cigarette package that was producing a strong floral smell. After removing 1 of the joints from the box we noticed the smell of the actual pre-roll was not as strong as the bag or box.


As mentioned above the product arrived in a cardboard box within a sealed bag. The joints each contained 0.7 grams of bud and were uniformly rolled with a branded white Cali filter. It’s hard to compare the appearance to the unrolled Pink Diamonds flower as everything in this case had already been finely milled.


We sparked up one of the joints and began slowly taking puffs. However it quickly became clear why we always prefer the dried whole flower over pre-roll joints. The flavour profile was immediately noticeable with a strong earthy element with secondary hints of floral towards the end. Due to how tightly packed the flower was it became more difficult to smoke about half way through.


Our bag was part of lot number PK26036 with a package date of August 31, 2022. The price for this pack of 5 pre-rolled joints is $9 and it had 27.47% THC content which is great. The high was moderately strong on the body and was felt most around the eyes and temples while putting the mind into a calm relaxed state. Like almost all other pre-rolls we find these clog easily about half way through and the flavour isn’t quite as distinct compared to the unrolled flower. That being said, if you can’t roll joints (go to here to learn) this likely will be your only option.

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Pink Dimez from Cali is a pre-rolled hybrid strain with a sweet floral aroma and flavour profile. Currently priced at $9 for 5 pre-rolls with 27.47% THC content, we found it delivered a moderately strong body high with a warm sensation around the eyes and a calm mental state. Even though this pre-roll is solid we recommend grabbing the unrolled dried flower version if you can find because it's amazing.
  • Price point ($9 for 5 pre-rolls)
  • Strong relaxing high
  • Over 27% THC content
  • Flower was finely milled
  • Smell not as strong as dried flower
  • Joints packed too tightly
Smell - 7.3
Appearance - 7.5
Flavour - 7.4
Experience - 7.9
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