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Cannabis Etiquette: 25 Rules for Smoking Weed

Etiquette is about respect and consideration. When it comes to consuming cannabis there are some basic guidelines to be aware of that have been established by the community.
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If you’re smoking cannabis for the first time, it’s more than just about experiencing the effects of the plant. Like any subculture, the cannabis community has its own set of unspoken rules and Cannabis Etiquette that newcomers should be aware of. These weed rules have been established over time by seasoned consumers, and they help ensure that everyone has a pleasant and respectful experience. Being familiar with these basic guidelines not only enhances your own enjoyment but also shows consideration for those around you.

Whether you’re sharing a joint at a party, visiting a dispensary, or attending a cannabis-focused event, understanding and adhering to these etiquettes can make a significant difference in how you’re perceived and how you experience the world of cannabis.

  1. The person who rolls the joint (no matter whose weed it is) gets to spark and hit it first.
  2. When someone rolls a nice joint, it’s wise to complement them on their rolling skills.
  3. Never Bogart…“selfishly take, keep, hog; or hold a joint or bowl instead of passing”.
  4. If someone starts “Bogarting” (see #3) the bowl using the excuse that it’s okay since it’s their weed; that’s definitely not cool. The punishment depends on the quality of the weed and how much they put in (if real crappy and they were real cheap, then you rag on them all night).
  5. If someone is too buzzed to light the bowl then they must relinquish control of the lighter to someone more capable. This does NOT mean the person who lights gets free hits.
  6. If someone is so stoned that they blow INTO the pipe/joint knocking all the bud onto the floor, this person must be bugged endlessly and they can’t smoke until the next round (unless it was their stuff).
  7. If you smoke with someone in your house, you should let him or her eat some munchies you have lying around… don’t be cheap with your food, if you have any.
  8. If someone who smoked asks for a sip of your soda, you must give some (cotton mouth is not fun). Of course this does NOT include cannabis infused beverages.
  9. Converse of #8: if you ask for a sip, do NOT take a large gulp.
  10. If smoking a joint, don’t put the whole thing in your mouth and get it wet. That’s gross for everyone else.
  11. If you’re smoking from a bong and there is NOT enough in the bowl for a whole other hit, you should save the smoke in the chamber for the next person.
  12. Never bitch about someone else’s weed being no good. If you don’t like it then do NOT smoke it!
  13. If a friend gets you high today then sometime in the future you need to get them high.
  14. Thou shall not turn down a smoke. Ever!
  15. Some people eat the roach. They say it’s to get the oil or resin left on the paper. This situation is like the patron of a nice restaurant picking up their “empty” plate and licking off the remaining food. Sure you got that bit of gravy, but was it worth it?
  16. If you get weed from a friend, it’s polite to roll a joint (small one, if you wish) and smoke with them.
  17. It is very impolite to hand someone an empty bowl (learn how to pack a bowl here), without notifying that person of its possible cashed-ness. A proper warning would be ‘Here ya go. I think it might be cashed.’
  18. The person who fills the bowl gets to take the first hit. It doesn’t matter whose weed it is.
  19. Remember to thank a person who got you high. People who never say thanks are annoying.
  20. The person who brought or chose the bud picks the music. Unless they feel generous.
  21. When using a bong, DON’T blow out the ashes, unless the “homeowner” does.
  22. NEVER go to someone’s house EXPECTING him or her to catch you a buzz. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule…
  23. If you spill the bong, clean it up! (And don’t forget to put water back in!)
  24. When the roach gets too small, it’s common courtesy to finish in a bowl so everyone can participate.
  25. Thou shall NOT roll pinners.
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A cannabis enthusiast, writer, and dab diva who is dedicated to helping you understand the constantly evolving world of recreational cannabis.

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