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Celebrity Raptors Rntz Review

Coming from a special mix and claiming to have potent THC levels, does this strain really deliver? We checked out everything from its smell to its high. Let's see if this strain is as good as it says or falls short. Come along and explore with us!

Celebrity Raptors Rntz is an indica-dominant strain that was created by crossing Animal Mints #3 with Rntz.

It reportedly comes with a unique terpene profile, tantalizing the senses with its earthy and sweet aroma, complemented by hints of rich gas. Celebrity describes them as compact and slightly oily, adorned with captivating shades of bright purple and vibrant green, all generously dusted with sparkling trichomes.

Does it hold its ground against the well-renowned Redecan’s Animal Rntz?

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Raptors Rntz is packed in a nice, small lavender coloured bag that you can seal again easily. When we first opened it up, the smell was amazing. It was like walking into a kitchen where someone had just baked a vanilla cake and spread cream cheese icing on top. Added to this sweet scent, there was a light touch of something citrusy, like a hint of lemon or orange.

But what makes it really stand out from others is just how strong and inviting that smell ended up being. Every time we took a whiff, we wanted to do it again. It’s like the first scene in a movie that tells you it’s going to be a good one. With this flower, that amazing smell tells you you’re about to have a great experience.


The packaging of Raptors Rntz looks good and tells you everything you need. Right on the front, it mentions the brand, THC, CBD, terpenes, and other key details. Turn it around, and there’s a handy picture showing how to open it. Plus, they’ve added info on how they grew the flower and how to get in touch with Celebrity. They want you to be informed about your purchase.

When we peeked inside, we first noticed there wasn’t a humidity pack to keep the buds fresh. But that small downside was quickly forgotten when we saw the actual flower. These medium to large buds are covered in sparkling trichomes. Bright green leaves and standout orange-brown pistil hairs make them look amazing. Seeing them is almost as good as getting a whiff of their aroma.


When we lit our joint, the taste was the first thing that got our attention. It was like taking a bite out of a sweet vanilla lemon cake. Every puff had this yummy taste, and there was even a hint of citrus, like lemon or orange, making it even better. What’s cool is that this taste goes hand in hand with the great smell from when we first opened the bag. If you like something that’s good to smell and even better to taste, this one’s for you.


Our package was part of lot number AR23A514, with a packaging date of July 5, 2023. It boasted an eye-catching THC content of 36.3% and carried a price tag of $48.95 for 3.5 grams. Naturally, such bold claims and premium cost sparked our curiosity about their accuracy.

To see for ourselves, we used a TCheck Potency Tester on a 200mg piece of the flower. Our tests unfortunately showed something different: the THC level was between 27.1% and 29.5%, not the 36.3% advertised on the label.

But what about the effects of the Raptors Rntz? In straightforward terms, it packed a moderate punch. The bodily sensation was subtle, primarily felt in the face, while the mind experienced a gentle fog, akin to the feeling of waking from a deep nap and needing a moment to clear the head. Despite the discrepancy in THC, it still delivered a soothing and thoroughly enjoyable high, enriched by its delightful flavour profile and aroma.

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Raptors Rntz is a mix of Animal Mints #3 and Rntz, and has a taste that reminds you of vanilla lemon cake. While the package boasts a hefty 36.3% THC, our tests found the levels to be between 27.1% and 29.5%. Selling at $48.95 for 3.5 grams, this strain gives a decent but not overpowering feeling. You'll notice some light effects on your body and a relaxed mind. Despite the THC not matching the label, the fantastic aroma and delightful flavours make this a top pick for those exploring different strains.
  • Dense trichome coverage
  • Delightful vanilla lemon cake flavour
  • Moderately potent high
  • Price ($48.95 for 3.5 grams)
  • THC content overstated
  • Lacks humidity shield
Smell - 7.9
Appearance - 8.4
Flavour - 8.1
Experience - 7
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