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Color Cannabis Baked Grape Pie Review

Embark on a captivating journey through the enticing world of Baked Grape Pie from Color Cannabis. This visually stunning hybrid, born from Grape Pie and CKS & Cream, offers a relaxing yet functional high, with vibrant purple hues that will mesmerize your senses. Is it worth buying? Find out below.

Today, we’re diving into Color Cannabis Baked Grape Pie, a delightful hybrid strain brought to us by the team at Color Cannabis. Picture this: a tantalizing fusion of Grape Pie and CKS & Cream, resulting in a concoction that promises fruity grape goodness, accompanied by subtle hints of vanilla and pear. Intriguing, right?

The buds are described as frosty and dense, with stunning purple hues that make them a feast for the eyes. It’s like stumbling upon a secret stash of purple treasure! So, how does Baked Grape Pie hold up against its counterparts, such as Grape Galena or the ever-popular Purple Punch?

Let’s embark on this adventure together and find out!

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According to the bag, we were promised a tantalizing fruity grape aroma, with subtle whispers of pear and vanilla. Sounds like a mouthwatering delight, doesn’t it? However, upon opening the seal, we were met with a bit of a disappointment. The flower inside the bag was noticeably dry, which unfortunately resulted in a very diminished smell.

Regrettably, the dryness seemed to have taken its toll on the fragrance of this strain. While we did manage to catch hints of a mild fruit aroma, it was so faint that it almost slipped past our senses. It was like searching for a distant fragrance that had lost its vibrancy over time. Whatever enchanting smell this flower possessed seemed to have dissipated along the way, leaving us longing for those promised grape notes and delicate hints of pear and vanilla.

Important to note that while our experience with the smell was underwhelming, it’s possible that the dryness we encountered may have affected the overall aroma. Each batch can vary, and sometimes a little bit of moisture can make all the difference. Nevertheless, in this particular case, the scent didn’t quite live up to our expectations.


Picture a medium-sized purple bag, bursting with information that leaves no stone unturned. The front label, a treasure trove of details, showcases key information such as the strain name, appearance, flavour profile, and cannabinoid composition. The back label listed all the dominant terpenes, package date, lot number, drying method, trimming process and grower contact. Talk about a comprehensive package!

When we cracked open the bag our eyes were met with a sight to behold—a dark green canvas, generously adorned with mesmerizing purple hues and delicate orange hairs. It was a visually striking sight that instantly captured our attention. The combination of deep greens and regal purples painted a vivid picture of the strain’s unique genetic heritage.

We also noticed the buds were incredibly dense, giving them a satisfying weight in the palm of our hands. It’s worth noting that the dryness issue persisted, as the flower crumbled effortlessly between our fingers with the slightest pressure. The lack of moisture was certainly evident, and it left us yearning for a more pliable and resilient texture.

Adding to the allure, Baked Grape Pie boasted a thick layer of trichomes that blanketed the buds. The sight of those glistening trichomes was a testament to the strain’s potency potential. Oh, what a magnificent spectacle it would have been if we had witnessed this flower in all its hydrated glory! Alas, the dryness had taken its toll.


Given the unfortunate state of dryness, we approached the tasting experience with tempered expectations. And, alas, our suspicions were confirmed. The lack of moisture greatly influenced the overall flavour profile of this strain, leaving us wanting more.

We rolled up a joint, ready to indulge in the promised fruity elements. With each deep draw, we strained our taste buds to detect anything. And while we were able to perceive very subtle fruity undertones, it required intense concentration and focus. It was as if the flavours were playing a game of hide-and-seek, elusive and fleeting. A fleeting whiff of fruit here and there, struggling to make its presence known amidst the desert-like dryness.

Sadly, the predominant experience was a lack of flavor. The dry condition seemed to have robbed Baked Grape Pie of its potential to tantalize our taste buds. The absence of moisture can be a real buzzkill when it comes to enjoying the full spectrum of flavors a strain has to offer. So, we couldn’t help but wonder how the flavor profile might have flourished under more favorable circumstances.

While it’s important to note that our experience was hindered by the dryness, we acknowledge that each batch can vary, and this particular instance might not be representative of every Baked Grape Pie encounter. Moisture plays a vital role in preserving the flavours locked within the flower, so it’s worth keeping an open mind and giving this strain a chance under optimal conditions.


Our particular bag was part of the batch labelled as lot L221200094, with a package date of December 22, 2022. Sporting a THC content of 20.2%, this 3.5-gram package came with a price tag of $29.95, which is reasonable, considering the circumstances—though the excessive dryness was a significant downside.

The high itself, we found to be of moderate strength, striking a balance between relaxation and functionality. It delivered a pleasantly calming sensation to the body without inducing a heavy sense of lethargy. The experience of euphoria varied among individuals. Some of us experienced a subtle wave of euphoria, while others didn’t quite catch that same wave. It seems that individual reactions to this strain may vary, as is the case with many cannabis varieties.

If you’re planning to indulge in Baked Grape Pie, it might be best enjoyed when you don’t have a long list of tasks on your agenda. Why, you ask? Well, we found that there was a certain haziness that settled in after finishing the joint, creating a sense of mental fog. This haze can make it a bit challenging to stay fully focused and engaged. So, for those times when you simply want to kick back, relax, and enjoy the gentle embrace of this strain, Baked Grape Pie could be a suitable companion.

The high delivered by Baked Grape Pie was indeed enjoyable, offering a balance of physical relaxation without inducing excessive fatigue. However, the dryness issue loomed over the experience, as it robbed us of the full potential in terms of flavour and aroma. While the high and its accompanying effects were satisfying, it’s hard not to lament what could have been with a more hydrated flower.

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Baked Grape Pie from Color Cannabis offers a visually stunning experience with its vibrant purple hues, resulting from its lineage of Grape Pie and CKS & Cream. The strain provides a relaxing high of moderate strength, striking a balance between relaxation and functionality. The packaging is commendable, providing comprehensive information. However, the dryness of the flower negatively impacted the smell and flavour, resulting in a diminished sensory experience. While some experienced subtle euphoria, mental haziness was also noted. Overall, a delightful hybrid with the potential for a pleasant high, but it would benefit from improved moisture levels to fully showcase its taste and aroma.
  • Visually striking with vibrant purple hues
  • Relaxing high with moderate strength and balance
  • Comprehensive packaging with detailed information
  • Overly dry flower affected smell and flavour
  • Limited fruity taste experienced, likely dryness-related
  • Mental haziness and difficulty staying fully focused
Smell - 7
Appearance - 8.2
Flavour - 6.7
Experience - 7.7
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