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Common Ground MAC Pie Pre-Rolls Review

Embark on a captivating journey with MAC Pie pre-rolls by Common Ground. Unveil aromatic surprises and surprising flavours in this enticing cannabis review. Explore the highs and lows of this intriguing product, from its powerful THC content to its enigmatic allure.

This review will delve deeper into Common Ground MAC Pie Pre-Rolls, a strain included in the MAC combo pre-roll pack. It’s a hybrid cross of MAC Stomper (MAC x Grape Stomper) crossed with Michigan Mouth (Cherry Puff, Cherry Pie and Cherry Pie Breath x Mendobreath). They claim this hybrid is notable for its sweet cherry taste and earthy scent.

Let see how it compares to Common Ground’s Pink Rozay pre-roll or the recently reviewed Countryside’s 10th Plant pre-rolls.

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Upon opening the resealable bag of the MAC Combo Pack from Common Ground, we encountered a challenge in discerning a clear aroma due to the inclusion of two strains. However, upon further exploration, we discovered a cardboard box designed specifically to accommodate six pre-rolls, three of which were MAC Stomper and the remaining three were MAC Pie. After liberating a few MAC Pie joints from their packaging, our disappointment grew as we struggled to detect the distinct aroma of this particular flower. Despite our concerted efforts, the notes that greeted our noses with each sniff, whether long or short, proved elusive to identify. Eventually, we concluded that the scent commenced with a very faint earthy undertone, followed by an almost imperceptible suggestion of herbal essence.


Common Ground has truly excelled in delivering an outstanding packaging design with their MAC Combo pack. The use of an industry-standard orange resealable bag ensures the product’s freshness while providing consumers with all the necessary information. The front of the package prominently displays the brand and product names, weight, dominant terpenes, as well as the total cannabinoids. On the backside, the bag features a user-friendly diagram with three pictures, illustrating how to open the bag. Additionally, it includes contact details, a lot number, and the packaged date to ensure quality assurance.

Inside the package, a cardboard box serves as a protective container for the 10 joints. Each was equipped with a RAW paper filter. Based on the tightly twisted pins and firm packing, we believe these joints are hand-packed, showcasing the attention to detail put into their production.


Upon lighting the MAC Pie joint and drawing our first puff, we were delighted to discover a flavour that surpassed our expectations, given the subtle aroma. As the smoke enveloped our palates, a noticeable and pronounced bitter herbal taste emerged, commanding our attention. However, upon exhaling, the bitterness transformed into a robust earthy aftertaste, lingering on our tongues. It is important to acknowledge the overall flavour profile of this one may not appeal to everyone’s individual preferences, as it carries a distinct and unique taste.


Our particular product was packaged on February 7, 2023, and bears the lot number L23F0005. The MAC Pie pre-rolls, boasting a robust THC content of 25.8%, provide a potent option for cannabis enthusiasts. Priced at a reasonable $29.99, the complete MAC Pack has 10 pre-rolls (5 x MAC Pie and 5 x MAC Stomper) which offers an affordable and accessible choice for users.

When smoking this flower, we predominantly experienced cerebral effects, with a subtle mental haze or scattered thoughts being the primary influence. Additionally, we noticed a mild sensation of drowsiness in the eyes, representing the sole physical effect we encountered. For those seeking a more focused mental impact, this strain proves to be a good choice.

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We found these MAC Pie pre-rolls from Common Ground offered a mixed experience. While the packaging design is thoughtful and well-executed, featuring informative labels and user-friendly instructions, the aroma of the flower proves to be subtle and challenging to detect. However, the flavour profile surprises with a strong bitter herbal taste, followed by a robust earthy aftertaste. THC level was high, although the physical effects are limited to a mild sensation of drowsiness in the eyes. Affordable price point but the overall taste profile may not suit everyone's preferences.
  • Strong flavour with robust earthy aftertaste
  • Affordable and accessible at a reasonable price
  • Strong cerebral high (over 25% THC)
  • MAC Pie only comes milled or pre-rolls
  • Taste profile may not suit everyone's preference
  • Limited physical effects, primarily cerebral impact
Smell - 6.6
Appearance - 7.4
Flavour - 7.2
Experience - 7.5
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