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Common Ground Pink Rozay Pre-Roll Review

Looking for a new cannabis product to try? We recently had the opportunity to review Pink Rozay, a hybrid pre-rolled joint from Common Ground. Here's what we thought of its aroma, appearance, flavour, and overall experience.

Pink Rozay is a hybrid strain from Common Ground that blends Lemonchello #10 and Lemon Pound Cake #75 to produce what they describe as a unique experience.

From what we could learn, this Common Ground Pink Rozay Pre-Roll flower supposedly has a complex mix of floral, fruity, nutty, and earthy undertones, providing an aromatic and flavourful smoke. We’re hoping this one provides a smooth and tasty consumption experience so let’s see how it compares with other hybrids like Cali’s Pink Dimez or Cookies Gary Payton Pre-roll.

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Upon opening the Pink Rozay pre-roll container, we found it had a subtle aroma that was reminiscent of mild, slightly sweet herbal notes. However, as is typical with pre-rolls, the smell was not very potent. While not overpowering, it still left a gentle impression that hinted at the complex flavours and aromas that were yet to be discovered. It’s worth noting that this lack of aroma is pretty common with pre-roll joints, as the ground-up cannabis material has generally dried out by the time you smoke. Therefore, the lack of potent aroma should not be taken as a negative point for this particular product type. Overall, it’s scent was pleasant and subtle, leaving us excited to uncover the full depth of its flavours in the upcoming smoking experience.


The Pink Rozay pre-roll arrived in simple black doob tube, with the Common Ground branding prominently displayed on the front. While the package label did not provide an abundance of information, it did include the brand name, product name, cannabinoid totals, package date, and lot number, ensuring customers have basic details. Turning our attention to the pre-rolled joint, it looked well-constructed and visually appealing. The unbleached rolling paper and brown RAW brand filter tip added a touch of natural elegance to the overall aesthetic of the joint. The dried flower inside the joint felt evenly distributed and not tightly packed, indicating that it was well-rolled and should burn evenly.


Unfortunately we found this one had a minimal flavour profile, as we could only detect faint earthy and herbal elements. The lack of a robust flavour was somewhat disappointing, and left us wishing for a more distinct taste experience. Additionally, the smoke from the pre-roll was harsh and made us cough throughout the session. This could be attributed to the flower being overly dry, which may have impacted the quality of the smoking experience. While we didn’t find the taste to be particularly memorable, it’s worth noting that this is a subjective experience and others may have a different opinion. Nonetheless, the harsh smoke and lack of a pronounced flavour profile left us feeling underwhelmed by the Pink Rozay pre-roll.


The Pink Rozay pre-roll we reviewed was part of lot number L22F1248 and packaged on December 22, 2022. With 20.4% THC, it was reasonably priced at $7.25 for a 1-gram joint, making it competitive with similar products on the market. In terms of the experience, the high produced was moderately strong, and resulted in a relaxing physical sensation with a strong mental cloud. This included a warm feeling around the eyes and temples. While not the most potent hybrid we’ve tried, the effects were pleasant and suited for unwinding after a long day. However, as noted earlier, the lack of a distinct flavour and aroma detracted from the overall experience. So in the future it would be great if Common Ground could find a way to retain some of the terpenes and flavonoids during the manufacturing process, as this would greatly enhance the sensory experience.

Overall, the Common Ground’s Pink Rozay pre-roll was a decent product with a reasonable price point, providing a moderate high that’s suitable for a variety of occasions. While the lack of a pronounced flavour and harsh smoke were drawbacks, the well-constructed joint and overall smoking experience left us curious to try other strains from this brand in the future.

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Common Ground's Pink Rozay pre-roll is a hybrid that produced a moderately strong high at the reasonable price of $7.25 for a 1-gram joint. The well-constructed joint burned evenly and produced a relaxing physical sensation with a strong mental cloud. However, the lack of a distinct flavour and aroma detracts from the overall experience, and the harsh smoke may be due to the dryness of the flower. Despite these drawbacks, this pre-roll is worth considering for those looking for a budget-friendly, moderate strength option.
  • Reasonable price point
  • Well-constructed joint
  • Moderately strong high
  • Lack of distinct flavour
  • Faint aroma profile
  • Harsh smoking experience
Smell - 6
Appearance - 7.5
Flavour - 6.1
Experience - 7.2
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