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Delta Munchies Double Doinks Glazed Donut Pre-Rolls Review

Embark on a tantalizing journey with Delta Munchies' Double Doinks Glazed Donut pre-rolls—crafted with premium hemp, THC-A diamonds, and kief. Indulge your senses in the enticing aroma and complex flavors that weave together a potent pre-roll experience.

Delta Munchies Double Doinks Glazed Donut Pre-Rolls are described as “crafted to perfection using premium hemp flower infused and coated with THC-A diamonds, glazed with liquid diamonds, and rolled in kief“. Like the Lemon Cherry Gelato version we previously reviewed, their 3 gram 2-pack of Glazed Donut pre-rolls also came with a concentrated dose of the THC-A diamonds on the tip of each 1.5 gram joint, and they were individually packaged in reusable doob tubes for freshness and convenience. I thoroughly enjoyed the LCG pre-rolls, so I was definitely excited to try this flavor out and see how it compared.

delta munchies double doinks glazed donut pre rolls review 1 merry jade


The scent from each tube was a smack of smooth sweetness that carried an enticing blend of confectionary sugar and warm cakey donuts, with dashes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and a slightly brighter almost fruity edge that made it smell very similar to an apple fritter. The combination of scents came across as warm, familiar, and incredibly delectable. I couldn’t wait to dive into the first pre-roll after opening the tube and taking in the initial smell.


Also similarly to the LCG prerolls from Munchies, the Glazed Donut doinks were each coated in THC-A diamonds and thickly covered with kief on the exterior of the rolling paper. As mentioned, the tip of each also had an extra concentrated dip of the potent crystals which caused a thick, dripping resin ring throughout the burn. Unlike the previous version I tried, this flavor seemed to have a slight tendency to run on one side of the joint through parts of the session, but not enough to really lessen the experience much.


The first taste came in a bit more savory and complex than expected, but also slightly muted in comparison to the brighter scent. Though somewhat milder, a similar sweetness was definitely there and it still held up the same warm tones of sugary donut and baked cinnamon goodness, with various herbal notes and touches of pine and lavender backing the overall sweet, tangy, and creamy profile.


Listed with THC-A Diamond Purity of 97.2%, the potency of these doinks is no question, they quickly unleash their full force when lit due to the extra diamond dip. It didn’t take more than a few minutes to feel a heavy body high that left me ready to recline and relax, with a mildly pressurized headband effect that jumped out on each hit. These pre-rolls were labeled as hybrid, which seems a fairly accurate description, but I would personally say they leaned a little further into indica territory although the high still stayed fairly well balanced throughout and lasted a couple hours before dissolving into a moderate buzz.

delta munchies double doinks glazed donut pre rolls review 2 merry jade
delta munchies double doinks glazed donut pre rolls review 3 merry jade
delta munchies double doinks glazed donut pre rolls review 4 merry jade


Delta Munchies' Double Doinks Glazed Donut pre-rolls offer a premium cannabis experience, infused with THC-A diamonds, glazed with liquid diamonds, and rolled in kief. The scent is enticing, reminiscent of confectionary sugar and warm cakey donuts with subtle herbal notes. The appearance showcases a generous coating of THC-A diamonds and kief, with a minor tendency to run on one side. The flavor is initially savory and complex but evolves into a satisfying sweetness with warm tones of sugary donut and baked cinnamon. With a THC-A Diamond Purity of 97.2%, these pre-rolls provide a potent experience, delivering a heavy body high and a mildly pressurized headband effect. Despite being labeled as a hybrid, the high leans slightly toward indica, offering a well-balanced experience that lasts for a couple of hours before transitioning into a moderate buzz. Delta Munchies' Glazed Donut pre-rolls are recommended for those seeking a flavorful and potent cannabis option.
  • Enticing donut smell
  • Potent relaxing effects
  • Great alternative to traditional cannabis
  • Flavor not quite as bold as the smell
  • Slight uneven running in the first couple burns
  • Not for light smokers
SMELL - 8.7
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