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Delta Munchies Double Doinks Lemon Cherry Gelato Pre-Rolls Review

Step into a world where pre-rolls transcend the ordinary - Delta Munchies' Double Doink Lemon Cherry Gelato is not just a joint, it's an experience. From the tantalizing scent of cherry candy and lemonade to the immediate and robust high, this review unveils the extraordinary in every puff.

Delta Munchies Double Doinks Lemon Cherry Gelato Pre-Rolls contain premium hemp flower that’s been coated with THC-A diamonds, then glazed with more diamonds and rolled in kief, before being topped off with a concentrated dip of even more THC-A at the tip of the joints. The flavor of this pack is Lemon Cherry Gelato, emulating the hugely popular west coast hybrid strain. Let’s see how this one compares to their Glazed Donut Pre-rolls.

THC-A Diamond Purity: 97.2%

delta munchies double doinks lemon cherry gelato pre rolls review 1 merry jade


The initial scent was incredibly sweet and vivid, punching through the tube with the bright smell of cherry candy and lemonade backed up by notes of pine, sage, and various floral, woody tones that rounded out the mixture nicely. The overall terpene profile came across as loud, sugary, and smooth.


Each pack contained two 1.5 gram infused pre-rolls, individually sealed in reusable tubes. The joints were both coated with kief on the outside of the roll, then dusted with thc-a diamonds, with the tip of each one covered in a concentrated dip of diamonds. The roll was nice and tight, the joints burned evenly, and there was a thick, dripping resin ring from the melted THC-A crystals throughout the burn.


Just like the smell, the flavor was very sweet, bright, and fruity. The taste was quite consistently smooth and enjoyable throughout the entirety of the smoke session. Those dominant notes of cherry and lemon are so vivid at some points that it almost tasted like I was drinking kool-aid while I was smoking. The flavor profile of these joints is exactly what the name implies.


The initial high was quite strong and hit me almost immediately with a wave of body relaxation and colorful headiness. The effects lingered in hybrid territory, but ultimately left me feeling extremely relaxed and a bit spaced out. Due to the potency of the diamonds, the longevity of this buzz was definitely noticeable and kept me in a stoney bubble for quite a while. Tread lightly if you’re not a heavy smoker.

delta munchies double doinks lemon cherry gelato pre rolls review 2 merry jade
delta munchies double doinks lemon cherry gelato pre rolls review 3 merry jade
delta munchies double doinks lemon cherry gelato pre rolls review 4 merry jade


Delta Munchies' Double Doink Lemon Cherry Gelato pre-rolls deliver a potent and flavorful experience. Infused with premium hemp flower, coated in THC-A diamonds, and rolled in kief, these joints boast a 97.2% purity of THC-A diamonds. The scent is a vibrant mix of sweet cherry candy and lemonade, complemented by pine, sage, and floral tones. The appearance is impressive, with tight rolls, even burns, and a resin ring from melted THC-A crystals. The flavor mirrors the aroma, offering a consistently smooth and sweet smoking experience reminiscent of cherry and lemon kool-aid. The high is immediate and robust, inducing body relaxation and a colorful headiness, lingering in hybrid territory. Noteworthy for its potent effects, these pre-rolls are recommended for experienced users.
  • Vivid smell and flavor
  • Potent effects and robust onset
  • Nicely rolled and packaged in reusable tubes
  • Slightly overpowering high
  • Almost too sweet
  • Not for light or new smokers
SMELL - 8.5
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As a Northern California native and longtime consumer of cannabis in many forms I've spent endless hours exploring the various brands and products this region has to offer, so I'm here to help guide you through the ever-evolving landscape of the West Coast weed world. From sunny South Cali to the Bay Area breeze and Sacramento trees, all the way up to the emerald glory of Mendocino and legendary Humboldt County, I'll be discovering the best (and maybe not-so-best) buds, concentrates, and extracts being harvested in the Golden State these days. Why? So you don't have to take chances when you're headed out to pick up a fresh drop, of course. Because that's what we do here. It's pretty heroic.

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