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Divvy Incredible Milk Review

Prepare for an enticing journey into the world of cannabis with Incredible Milk by Divvy. As you delve into our review, you'll uncover an intriguing blend of aromas and flavors, the secrets of its packaging, and the nuances of its high. Is this a game-changer or an acquired taste? Join us on this odyssey to find out.

Divvy Incredible Milk, a sativa-dominant masterpiece, is the result of a carefully crafted union between Bruce Banner #3 and Tiger’s Milk. Brace yourself for an aromatic journey that apparently begins with a pungent sour-skunky allure and end with a sweet and creamy flavor. This strain boasts a notable THC potency, but how does it measure up against counterparts like Bold Growth’s B Banner?

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Upon cracking the bag open, our senses were greeted with a pungent, sour herbal aroma, which was quickly followed by an interesting twist—a sweet and creamy undertone. However, the dominant notes were woodsy and earthy, reminiscent of birch wood, with subtle floral hints and a background of pepper or cloves. This unique combination presented a decent aroma, but those seeking a skunky scent may be surprised. If sweet-smelling weed is your preference, Incredible Milk may not be your top choice.


The packaging for our batch was a cream-coloured bag with a convenient zipper seal. The front label prominently displayed the brand, strain name, and cannabinoids, while the backside provided essential information: weight, package date, top terpenes, lot number, and even a simple diagram on how to open the bag.

The buds themselves were slightly sticky, making them challenging to break up by hand for rolling a joint. They had a somewhat scraggly appearance. Notably, Divvy included a Boveda humidity pack, which effectively maintained the flower’s freshness and prevented it from drying out.


The flavor mirrored the initial smell but with an additional twist of a rubbery undertone, complementing the floral and citrus-like notes. It delivered a unique and distinct experience for the taste buds. However we did find the smoke to be a little on the harsh side.


Our bag, part of lot number 4517, was packaged on May 8, 2023, and boasted a solid THC content of 24.8%. Priced at $69.95 for 14 grams, Incredible Milk offered good value for its potency, though it might not be the first choice for those seeking sweet-tasting strains.

In terms of effects, this strain didn’t adhere strictly to the sativa high stereotype. Instead, it brought on a powerful head buzz that seemed to concentrate right behind the eyes. The high started out in the medium range and gradually escalated to a medium-strong level over time. Our initial impressions were positive, but after a few days of use, we found ourselves less enchanted.

While its aroma and flavor profiles may not cater to every preference, its noteworthy characteristics and decent value make it worth trying for those who enjoy a powerful head buzz. However, the long-term appeal may vary among users, so it’s essential to consider your own preferences when choosing your cannabis products. Ultimately, this experience may not be for everyone, and our verdict is that we wouldn’t rush to buy this strain again.

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Incredible Milk by Divvy is a sativa-dominant strain born from Bruce Banner #3 and Tiger’s Milk. The buds come in a cream-colored bag, preserved by an effective Boveda humidity pack. While it may not appeal to sweet taste enthusiasts, it presents a distinct aroma and flavor profile. The initial strong head buzz evolves to a medium-strong high, though long-term appeal varies among users.
  • High THC content
  • Boveda humidity pack
  • Buds were still sticky
  • Smell and flavour may not appeal to all
  • Price point (14 grams for $69.95)
  • Trim job was average
SMELL - 6.7
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