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Dried Flower

This category is dedicated to providing detailed and informative reviews of different strains of cannabis that are available in whole dried flower form. This category covers a wide range of cultivars including sativa, indica, and hybrids, providing a variety of options for consumers to choose from. The dried flower is the most traditional form of cannabis consumption, and it’s still the most popular one, this category is perfect for those looking for a more natural and authentic experience. The reviews in this category take into consideration factors such as aroma, taste, potency, and effects. They also provide information about the terpene profile and the levels of THC and CBD that the strain has, allowing consumers to make informed decisions about the strains they are interested in trying. If you’re looking for a cannabis strain or product but not sure if it’s a sativa or indica then this is a good place to begin your search.

48north granddaddy purple cannabis review photos 7.1 Cooked 7.4 Cooked User Avg

48North Granddaddy Purple Review

48North Granddaddy Purple is an indica-dominant strain that is grown indoors using LED lighting. It’s machined-trimmed, hand-groomed and has the potential for strong THC potency while keeping CB...

pure sunfarms headband review cannabis photos 6.6 High 7.2 Cooked User Avg

Pure Sunfarms Headband Review

Pure Sunfarms Headband being grown in a high-tech greenhouse where each bud is carefully trimmed and hand-groomed to precise standards. According to their website this strain features dense, elegantly...

redecan god bud review cannabis photos 6.6 High 5.9 Buzzed User Avg

Redecan God Bud Review

A name like God Bud sets a pretty high expectation. The Redecan God Bud aroma is described as being a combination of tropical, earthy and citrusy (given the rich caryophyllene terpene profile). This h...

citizen stash stonewall cannabis review 8.1 Blazed 6.9 High User Avg

Citizen Stash Stonewall Review

Citizen Stash Stonewall is their Mimoza strain and they describe it as having dense wintergreen buds with a heavy covering of milky-white trichomes that contrast sharply with the orange and purple hin...

tantalus labs la kush cake cannabis review photos 8.2 Blazed 8.3 Blazed User Avg

Tantalus Labs LA Kush Cake Review

We’ve reviewed quite a few Kush strains and are always excited to check out a new one. Tantalus Labs LA Kush Cake is described as delivering a classic kush flavour of diesel, mixed with some sub...

18twelve 8 ball kush cannabis review 8.5 Blazed 8.7 Blazed User Avg

18Twelve 8 Ball Kush Review

We love Kush strains and 18Twelve 8 Ball Kush has been on our radar the last month. 18Twelve is a west coast grower with a purpose-built indoor facility. Their website claims that every plant is flush...

kolab project kalifornia cannabis review photos 7 Cooked 8.1 Blazed User Avg

Kolab Project Kalifornia Review

From what we could learn, Kolab Project Kalifornia is the result of crossing 88 G-13 Hashplant with Nepali OG. On the Kolab Project website they explain how this Kalifornia strain is grown using high-...

jonny chronic cherry bomb cannabis review photos 7.7 Cooked 8.1 Blazed User Avg

Jonny Chronic Cherry Bomb Review

Jonny Chronic Cherry Bomb is described as having a fresh earthy aroma of sweet flowers. It’s kinda like a mad science experiment because it was created by crossing OG Kush, Tangerine Dream, Head...

original stash os reserve cannabis review photos 5 7.6 Cooked 8.6 Blazed User Avg

Original Stash OS Reserve Review

Original Stash OS Reserve is described on their website as being more potent and coming in a convenient format. The convenient format means bulk quantity is available. Unfortunately they provided almo...

pure sunfarms pink kush cannabis review photos 6.9 High 8 Blazed User Avg

Pure Sunfarms Pink Kush Review

Pure Sunfarms Pink Kush is associated with number of different aromas including pepper, orange, butterscotch, coffee, earth, and grapefruit. This is not surprising when you consider it’s terpene...

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