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Dykstra Greenhouses Blue Widow Lemon Pepper Spice Pre-Roll Review

Dykstra Greenhouses now offers their potent Blue Widow (Lemon Pepper Spice) flower in pre-rolled format for easy smoking.

Dykstra Greenhouses Blue Widow Lemon Pepper Spice Pre-Roll is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s made by crossing Blueberry with White Widow.

From what we can tell it’s suppose to give off a mixture of spicy, woody and ripe flavours. A lot of users mention the aroma is like a fresh cantaloupe or melon with a subtle undertones of spice. Lastly, growers describe the plant as having narrow-leafed buds with a heavy layer of trichomes and high level of THC content.

I’m curious how this compares to Delta 9’s White Out or the dense Blueberry from Spinach but most of all I want to see how it stacks up to Tommy’s Grape Galena Pre-Rolls.

dykstra greenhouses blue widow lemon pepper spice review photos 1 merry jade


The product arrived in a thin black resealable zipper with a plastic tray inside which held the pre-rolled joints. The strain was listed as Blue Widow however the label also indicated Lemon Pepper Spice which could be the product name. After getting the pre-rolls out we picked up a few different scents including a floral note with a touch of musk that was followed by what smelled like Golden Grams cereal. With all that being said, the aroma was not nearly as strong as BLK MKT’s Pineapple P Pre-Roll.


When we examined closely it becomes obvious these pre-rolls were hand-packed, hand rolled and used the RAW brand filter cones. All of these things are positives however we’d like to see the joints rolled thinner and longer. Each pre-roll also had a different tip: compressed, twisted pin, and twisted without the pin which appears to be a signature of 3 different rollers. But this is a minor detail because they all weighed the same and had the correct amount. They did a nice job with their labels as it included a lot helpful information like details about terpenes, the strain, THC concentration and packaging date.


When it came to flavour profile, there was a competitive element that translated from the smell to the flavour. I use the term competitive because there was so many competing aromas fighting for attention it ultimately made identifying them more difficult. Even with that hurdle, we had fun decoding this and thought the overall smell was much much better then Hiway’s The Flav Pre-Roll. A brief sharp lemony citrus taste initiated things like a starters pistol before the floral muskiness takes over. From there, it’s a slide into graham cracker country before concluding with a slight pepper after-note. Truth be told, the flavour felt a little unusual but in a new experience type of way.


Our bag was part of lot number LP211018H, packaged on August 15, 2022 and listed with 25.3% THC content with a price tag of $34.95 for 3.5 grams. We thought Dykstra Greenhouses Blue Widow (Lemon Pepper Spice) delivered an unusual but entertaining barrage of complex aromas and flavours, but the real highlight was the clear minded calmness feeling with a moderately strong overall body vibe. Between the distinct aroma and potent relaxing high, there are several reasons to check out this indica-hybrid currently available from DG.

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Blue Widow (Lemon Pepper Spice) from Dykstra Greenhouses is a pre-rolled indica-dominant flower with a sweet musky floral aroma and flavour. Listed with over 25% THC, we found it can produce a strong high that includes a feeling of clear minded calmness with a moderately strong overall body buzz. If you're looking for a potent pre-rolled indica you might want to check out this option from DG.
  • Consistent smell and flavour profile
  • Strong high (Over 25% THC)
  • RAW cones used for the pre-rolls
  • Pre-rolls are short and thick
  • Flavour may not appeal to all users
  • Available in packs of 5 pre-rolls
Smell - 7.1
Appearance - 6.9
Flavour - 7.5
Experience - 7.9
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