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EastCann Poison OG Review

Step into a world of enigmatic allure with the Poison OG cannabis strain. This verdant wonder, with whispers of an intriguing lineage and a taste profile that's as captivating as it is mysterious, promises a journey both visual and sensory. Dare to discover what sets Poison OG apart? Keep reading.

The enchanting EastCann Poison OG cannabis strain boasts an alluring lineage, descended from the powerfully aromatic Durban Poison and the famed OG Kush. This unique blend creates a compelling balance of effects and flavors. At a glance, its lush green buds, streaked with vibrant orange pistils, are a sight to behold, epitomizing its visual charm.

But how does it compare to Palmetto’s Platinum Cookies which has a similar lineage?

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Upon opening the nitrogen-sealed container of Eastcann’s Poison OG, a light, elusive aroma wafted out. It took several inhales to truly capture its essence—a gentle blend of earthy and herbal undertones reminiscent of fresh shrubs. Though subtle, we hoped for a more pronounced scent as we delved further.


Poison OG came in a nitrogen-sealed mint green tin, its branding prominently featured. Key information like the brand name, product type, THC and CBD percentages, weight, lot number, packaging date, and contact details met standard expectations. However, details on cultivation techniques and terpene profiles were notably missing.

Inside, the lack of a humidity shield was evident. The buds, ranging from small to large, presented a rich green hue with streaks of orange. Their soft texture and precise trimming impressed us, and a thick blanket of trichomes added a sparkling touch.


Lighting up a carefully rolled joint of Poison OG introduced a flavor both intriguing and unfamiliar. The immediate creamy texture during inhalation soon gave way to a hint of roasted garlic upon exhale, with a whisper of peppercorn lingering after. This unusual blend, though initially puzzling, became stronger as we progressed through the joint.


The container housing Eastcann’s Poison OG was designated under the lot number PO2022-5, boasting an impressive THC content of 30.22%. Priced at $37.95 for 3.5 grams, this offering proved to be a substantial player in both visual appeal and flavor intricacies. Given the prominent THC content, we anticipated a potent effect. Instead, the high was calming and centered, perfect for sociable settings. Whether day or night, it offered a harmonious mental state without excessive focus or drowsiness.

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The Poison OG cannabis strain from EastCann is visually captivating with its lush green, trichome-laden buds and offers a unique flavor profile that melds creaminess with hints of roasted garlic and peppercorn. Packaged in a nitrogen-sealed mint green tin, it provides all essential product details but lacks information on cultivation techniques and terpene profiles. While boasting a substantial 30.22% THC content, its effects are surprisingly balanced and serene, making it an excellent choice for social settings at any time of the day. At $37.95 for 3.5 grams, it promises both a visual treat and a nuanced tasting experience.
  • Lush, trichome-laden visual appeal.
  • Unique, nuanced flavor profile
  • Balanced, serene effects.
  • Price ($37.95 for 3.5 grams)
  • Elusive initial aroma
  • No humidity shield included
Smell - 6.6
Appearance - 8.3
Flavour - 8
Experience - 7.4
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