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These weed-infused THC candies are perfect for those who enjoy the occasional sweet treat, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of smoking cannabis. With our selection of THC-infused candy, you can get your sugar fix and your THC fix all in one! And since they’re individually wrapped, it’s easy to carry them with you and discreetly enjoy one at a time. Whether you prefer sour gummies, chewy candy bars, or fruity lollipops, our reviews of THC candies have something for everyone! Below you will find our reviews of THC-infused candy.

wana japanese citrus yuzu gummies review photos 5 merry jade 7.7 Cooked 8 Blazed User Avg

Wana Japanese Citrus Yuzu 2:1 Sour Soft Chews Review & Photos

Today we’re looking at a combo edible from Wana that contains both THC and CBD. This gummy is suppose to be a citrusy addition to their gummy line, plus they are both gluten-free and vegan frien...

chowie wowie pineapple mango gummies review photos 5 merry jade 7.3 Cooked 7 Cooked User Avg

Chowie Wowie Pineapple Mango 1:1 Gummies Review & Photos

Today I’m reviewing the balanced 1:1 Pineapple Mango gummies from Chowie Wowie. There was very little information except the flavour and dosage being mentioned on the package label. With only 2....

zen leafs cbd gummies review photos 5 merry jade 7.3 Cooked 7.7 Cooked User Avg

Zen Leafs CBD Gummies for Sleep Review

CBD Gummies for Sleep by Zen Leafs are made with full spectrum CBD, which contains other cannabinoids including terpenes, essential vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, and small amounts of THC. In additi...

flints mouth watering mints review photos 4 merry jade 6.9 High 6.4 High User Avg

Flintts Mouth Watering Mints Review

Flintts Mints is an edible but not the type you may be thinking as they don’t contain any THC or CBD. Instead these mints were created to combat pasties (dry mouth) after you’ve finished s...

Foray Fast CBN Blackberry Lavender Soft Chews Review Edibles Photos 5 Merry Jade 7.3 Cooked 8.2 Blazed User Avg

Foray Fast CBN Blackberry Lavender Soft Chews Review

Foray specializes in creating edibles, chocolate and vapes. Today we’re reviewing their fast acting CBN Blackberry Lavender Soft Chews that include a combination of CBN:CBD and are apparently de...

wyld real fruit pear gummies review photos 5 merry jade 7.5 Cooked 7.9 Cooked User Avg

WYLD Real Fruit Pear Soft Chews Review & Photos

Wyld makes their Pear Soft Chews from real fruit, botanical terpenes and natural flavours. Each gummy has 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBG along with the terpenes limonene, linalool, alpha-pinene, and beta-p...

pixieplums thc lychee gummies review photos cannibros 7 Cooked 8.2 Blazed User Avg

PixiePlums Lychee Gummies 500mg THC Review

Are you a fan of lychee flavoured candy? I hope so because today we’re reviewing 500mg THC infused gummies from PixiePlums. These flavourful candies are divided into 10 pieces which means you ge...

bliss thc tropical gummies assorted review photos cannibros 6.9 High 7.7 Cooked User Avg

Bliss Tropical Gummies 300mg THC Review

Today we’re reviewing an edible from a company called Bliss. Their tropical assorted gummies come in 3 flavours including blue raspberry, guava and pineapple. You get 15 candies with each contai...

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