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Edison Cannabis Co MAC 1 Review

MAC-1 from Edison Cannabis Co. is a potent hybrid strain that was created by crossing Miracle 15 with the popular Alien Cookies.

MAC-1 has become one of our favourite strains. This well-know and popular hybrid was originally created when some genius decided Miracle 15 should be crossed with Alien Cookies. The end result is pure magic.

The Edison Cannabis Co MAC 1 strain is extremely potent with dense buds that appear to be two-toned between light and dark greens with a pinch of purple on the outer tips. As you’d expect from MAC-1, the trichomes almost totally entomb every inch of the flower. MAC-1 has a complex aroma and flavour profile that seems to evolve over time starting with a distinct citrus flavour, then shifting to a mild gassy diesel smell and ultimately ending with a subtle hint of spice.

We reviewed Mac-1 from Citizen Stash and loved it, however the price was nearly twice that of this product. So how does Edison’s version stack up?

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We love the idea of Edison taking on MAC-1 since this strain is a favourite and been difficult to find. The product arrived in Edison’s standard blue plastic container with resealable lid. We were expecting a strong aroma, but opening the top released a mild to medium smell of sour lemons with a very light gassy undertone. The smell was definitely on point for the strain, it just did not have the kick we anticipated.


Every single nugget in this batch was super tiny. Literally these buds were smaller than popcorn. However these micro-buds were a nice bright green tone with microscopic specks of purple around the edges of the leaves. Plus the orange hairs were obscured by a frosty layer of white trichomes that covered the entire surface. If there were bigger buds we’d be expecting to see more purple colour such as with Citizen Stash’s MAC-1. Edison’s MAC-1 looks good but it’s not on the same level as Citizen Stash’s version.


MAC-1 has some a wonderful flavour and this is one area Edison always seems to deliver on ( i.e. Edison’s BCP strain). With a very strong flavour profile of sour lemon paired with mild diesel and spice undertone, this product has a great flavour from beginning right to the end.


Our bag was part of lot number 135274211004 and packaged on April 10, 2021. Edison’s MAC-1 strain is a great product that is extremely affordable given the quality. With a very strong high that delivers both a sense of mild euphoria followed by a complete physical soothing and relaxation. MAC-1 from Edison Cannabis Co. is a great product at a great price and recommended. We liked this more then Carmel’s version however if you’re looking for the best version of this strain and price is no object, then check out Citizen Stash’s MAC 1.

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MAC-1 from Edison Cannabis Co. is a hybrid strain known for it's potency and beautiful flowers. This review was exciting because we really like both Edison and MAC-1 so it was a great pairing. However even though we liked the product and feel the quality to price ratio is still left us a bit disappointed. The smell was milder then anticipated and the buds were extremely tiny. At least the product delivered a great high which is really the most important factor. We just feel this is not the best version of this strain available.
  • Moisture pack included
  • Very strong high
  • Great price point
  • Mild aroma (expected stronger)
  • Very tiny micro-buds
  • Difficult to find
Smell - 7.3
Appearance - 8.2
Flavour - 8.4
Experience - 8.5
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  1. You guys should review Banana OG ! It’s an awesome strain that I came across ! Take care

    • Thanks Greg – I will look for this strain… it’s Banana OG from Edison?

      • The Banana OG I had was from Qwest ! Thanks for this site David and have a great day 🙂

        • Great, I’m going to look for this product. Thanks for the recommendation Greg.

  2. Thank you for the awesome review! I always check your opinions out before trying new strains!

    • Thanks Nicole! Really happy to hear you find the site useful.


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