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Edison Cannabis Co Space Cake Review

If you're looking for an honest review of Edison Cannabis Co.'s latest creation, Space Cake, you've come to the right place. Get ready to explore the aroma, appearance, flavour, and experience of this unique and intriguing strain.

If you’re a fan of indica-dominant hybrids and looking for a new strain to try, you might want to check out Space Cake from Edison Cannabis Co.

Edison Cannabis Co Space Cake is a unique blend of GSC and Snow Lotus is sure to send you on a journey to the stars. But don’t let the name fool you – this strain is no joke. With its spicy, pungent aroma and hints of Kush and roasted coffee, Space Cake is suppose to be a flavourful and potent treat that packs some serious rocket fuel.

So get ready to blast off with this strain and let’s see how it compares to Space Cake by Color Cannabis or Edison’s ICC.

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The packaging of Edison’s Space Cake is consistent with their other products, arriving in a durable plastic container complete with a secure lid. Upon opening the container, we were immediately struck by a tantalizing aroma that seemed to be a unique blend of freshly ground coffee and an array of exotic spices. While this combination of scents may seem unusual at first, it was surprisingly pleasant and inviting, particularly for those who appreciate the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. As we delved deeper into the aroma of Space Cake, we also detected subtle notes of earthy Kush, which added depth and complexity to the overall experience.


Edison’s attention to detail was evident from the moment we received our package of Space Cake, which arrived in a sleek dark blue plastic container complete with a humidity shield to ensure optimal freshness. Upon opening the container, we were greeted with a plethora of information about the strain, including its lineage, THC and CBD content, and signature terpenes. This level of transparency is highly appreciated, as it allows consumers to make informed decisions about their cannabis use.

As we examined the Space Cake buds themselves, we noticed that they were medium in size and expertly trimmed, though a few sugar leaves remained. The buds were covered in a moderately thick layer of trichomes, which glistened in the light. Upon closer inspection, we observed a captivating collage of light green bud and brown pistil hairs scattered throughout the flowers. While the buds appeared visually appealing, we did note that they seemed slightly dry, which could result in a crumbly texture upon handling.


We eagerly ground up a few buds of Space Cake in our Kannastor grinder and rolled up a joint to sample the flavour of this unique strain. Upon lighting up, we were met with a distinct peppery taste that lingered on the tongue and left a slightly harsh sensation in the throat. As we continued to inhale, the flavour transformed into a robust coffee undertone that complemented the initial spice notes well. This unusual combination of flavours was certainly unexpected, and we were left with mixed feelings about it. While the peppery taste may not be to everyone’s liking, the coffee notes provided a pleasant and unexpected twist that made for an interesting smoking experience.


Our batch of Space Cake, which was part of lot number 264715220910 and had a package date of September 10, 2022 with 26.3% THC, was priced at $34.95 for 3.5 grams. While we’ve enjoyed previous offerings from Edison, we found the potency of this strain to be somewhat underwhelming. As discerning cannabis consumers, we always seek out high-quality buds and consistency from producers, and unfortunately, we felt that Space Cake fell short in this regard.

That being said, the experience provided by Space Cake was still enjoyable. Upon smoking, we felt a moderate impact that primarily affected our eyes, causing a mild heaviness and droopiness. This physical relaxation was accompanied by a slight mental fog that left us feeling mellow and carefree. While the high wasn’t particularly intense or memorable, it was certainly pleasant and would be suitable for a low-key evening spent with friends or unwinding after a long day. Overall, a more potent high would have been nice, but the mild and mellow effects of Space Cake may be appealing to those seeking a gentle cannabis experience.

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As a hybrid strain created by crossing GSC with Snow Lotus, Space Cake from Edison Cannabis Co. boasts an intriguing lineage that piqued our interest. Upon opening the dark blue plastic container, we were met with a pungent aroma reminiscent of a spice rack and coffee grounds. While the buds were medium in size and trimmed well, we found them to be overly dry despite the included humidity shield. When smoked, Space Cake offered a bold and complex flavour profile that featured peppery spice notes and a coffee undertone. Although the effects were not as potent as we had hoped, we enjoyed a mild and mellow high that left us feeling relaxed and carefree.
  • Unique flavour and aroma
  • Mellow and relaxing high
  • Informative packaging
  • Aroma and flavour may not appeal to all
  • Buds were a bit dry and leafy
  • Mild effect given the high THC percentage
Smell - 7
Appearance - 7.4
Flavour - 7.1
Experience - 7.2
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