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Flint & Embers Mint Sherbet Pre-Roll Review

If you're in the market for a pre-rolled joint that promises a smooth smoking experience and balanced effects, Mint Sherbet from Flint & Embers might just fit the bill. But with so many options on the market, is the Mint Sherbet pre-roll worth trying? In this review, we'll explore the unique flavour profile, appearance, and smoking experience.

Flint & Embers Mint Sherbet pre-roll is a hybrid strain that was created when Thin Mint GSC was crossed with Sunset Sherbet.

Users say the product boasts a rich and complex flavour profile, combining notes of sweet caramel, gas, cinnamon, floral, and musk. The buds are suppose to be a sight to behold, featuring deep purple hues, fiery orange hairs, and a sparkling coat of crystal resin. Let see how it compares to other hybrids like Common Ground’s Pink Rozay pre-roll or Cali’s Pink Dimez pre-roll.

flint and embers mint sherbert pre roll review photos 1 merry jade


Upon opening the tube, the Mint Sherbet pre-roll from Flint & Embers exuded a mild earthy musk aroma with a subtle hint of mint and gas. As we delved deeper into the scent, the mint became more pronounced and was joined by a very mild Gelato aroma. The aroma featured several elements and even though the smell was quite mild overall it created an inviting quality.


The tube label displayed all the necessary information including the product name, THC and CBD totals, brand name, weight, dominant terpenes, contact details, lot number and packaged date. The joint was rolled in a King Size unbleached rolling paper with a sturdy cardboard filter tip. Since this product was pre-rolled we were unable to inspect the actual flower, however the joint did appear to be loosely packed, which may bode well for a smooth and even burn. Sometimes these are packed far too tightly and burn quite poorly.


The flavour profile of the Mint Sherbet pre-roll was somewhat muted, with no discernible dominant flavours. While smoking, we detected a subtle peppery note, but overall the taste was underwhelming. It’s possible that the flower had been dried out, which can negatively impact the flavour profile. While not particularly noteworthy in terms of flavour, it did still provided a smooth overall smoking experience.


Our pre-roll contained 22.54% THC and was priced at $8.50 for a 1 gram joint. It was packaged on September 5, 2022 and was part of lot number PS12WI22B021M. The high delivered was satisfactory, but it certainly did not stand out in terms of strength or effects. However, it did provide a pleasant body high with a slight mental fuzziness, which created a good balance. While it wasn’t an exceptionally potent smoke, we still found it to be enjoyable and suitable for casual use. Long story short, the experience was decent, but nothing exceptional.

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The flavour profile of Flint & Embers’ Mint Sherbet pre-roll was somewhat muted, and the loose pack can affect burn quality. Additionally, the potency of the high may be considered average for some, and the price point may be high for others. While the Mint Sherbet pre-roll may not be the strongest or most flavourful option on the market, it still provides a decent smoking experience suitable for casual use.
  • Smooth smoking experience
  • Balanced body and mental effects
  • Eco-friendly rolling papers
  • Muted flavour profile
  • Average potency
  • Limited availability in some regions
Smell - 7.1
Appearance - 7.5
Flavour - 6.6
Experience - 7.4
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