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Fresh Cannabis Co Alien Jelly Review

Alien Jelly from Fresh Cannabis Co. is a very strong hybrid strain with a woody citrus aroma and over 24% THC content.

Fresh Cannabis Co Alien Jelly is an exclusive hybrid strain that was creating by crossing Alien Cookies with Jelly Donuts.

The team at Fresh says this cannabis smells like sweet vanilla, citrus, and sour flavour. The flavour profile follows a simple path with many users reporting this strain is simply fantastic and a must try. With so much excitement I was more than curious to see what all the fuss is about. It will be interesting to see how it compares with other hybrids like the citrusy MAC 1 or the delicious Gelato.

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Pretty much the moment I opened the 3.5 gram bag there was a strong sweet woodsy aroma that reminded me of a burnt vanilla smell with a secondary citrus undertone that followed. Overall I’d say the aroma was of medium strength but didn’t fade much either.


This eighth arrived in an off-white Mylar bag which had the strain name, THC and CBD percentages and dominant terpene information printed on the front. It also included additional information like the lineage, aroma, trimming process and dried date on the back. I love to see brands sharing this extra information because it adds another layer of transparency. The flower looked great and was very frosty with highly developed trichome heads that looked to be a milky amber colour. The colouring of the buds was a dark to light green with a few purple spots mixed in and some dark orange pistols.


I consumed this Alien Jelly using a vaporizer and found there was a woodsy vanilla taste with a sour aftertaste. The flavour was strong and didn’t lose any impact when I smoked it through a bong. However after I rolled a joint the vanilla flavour definitely became more prominent.


My bag was part of lot 22145 A100110 DA with a package date of May 25, 2022. Listed with 24.25% THC content and a price tag of $37.99 for 3.5 grams, I found Fresh’s Alien Jelly strain delivered a relaxing physical effect that helped me mellow out after a long day at work. The buds were beautiful, the smoke was nice and overall the price point was decent. My only complaint was the smell, not that it was bad but I thought it could have been stronger which might be possible to fix by including a humidity pack inside the bag.

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Alien Jelly from Fresh Cannabis Co. is a very strong hybrid strain with a woody citrus aroma and over 24% THC content. I found the Alien Jelly to have a relaxing effect that helped me mellow after a long day. The buds were beautiful with a decent price point. The smell was weaker, but it made up for its taste. It would be nice for the eighth to have a humidity pack.
  • Price ($37 for 3.5 grams)
  • Frosty spongy buds
  • Strong relaxing high
  • No humidity shield
  • Not available in multiple quantities
  • Flavour could be stronger
Smell - 7.7
Appearance - 8.3
Flavour - 8
Experience - 8.2
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Coming to you straight out of British Columbia, I have been consuming cannabis since high school and joined the legal market as a budtender in late 2021. Showcasing the craft, the dank, and the shake of the West Coast market. As a daily consumer I go for products that have a tasty flavour profile, deliver a good quality high, with a price point that won’t hurt the bank account. Now let’s blast some Mother Mother and get ready to laugh like Seth Rogen.

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