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Futurola King Size Rolling Papers Review

Futurola King Size rolling papers are over 2" wide and made from some of the thinnest, purest paper with organic arabic gum.

Until recently we didn’t really use Futurola products much. 

However that changed when we came across the blunt cones they created with Tyson Ranch and since then have become fans. As a result, we thought now was a good time to continue exploring their different rolling paper options – today is Futurola King Size Rolling Papers. We reviewed Futurola’s king size slims and thought they were a good rolling option.

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Like the slims, Futurola says this product is made from some of the world’s thinnest paper… a big pretty big claim that verifying is difficult. However we reviewed Smoking Brand’s Thinnest Papers a few months ago and they were definitely thinner… nearly transparent.

Nothing against these Futurola Kings as they still felt good between our fingers as we worked the paper. They’re also additive-free which reduces unnatural elements to maximize the cannabis flavour.

In terms of actual dimensions, the measure 2.08″ (53 mm) wide making them nearly 10 mm wider then the slims. It might not sound significant but that extra space definitely gives you more room for thicker joints.

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Do these King Size paper make rolling easier?

Yes and no.

You see, there’s no right or wrong answer because this really comes down to personal preference. If prefer thick cones or larger joints in general then you’re going to love these papers. However if you’d rather roll single person size joints then you might want something a bit smaller.

As I’ve mentioned several times, we grew up using standard size Zig-Zags which means anything larger automatically feels like excessive paper. This is why it really does come down to personal preference.

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Futurola King Size Papers are available from some retailers in single packs with 32 leaves but more likely you’ll need to order a case of 50 packs. Individual packs retail between $2.99 and $5.99 whereas the case will set you back $55 to $75 depending on the website you order from.

If you’re use to Zig-Zag, Rizla or even Smoking Brand then you’ll be right at home with the quality of this paper and overall smoking experience provided by Futurola papers. We typically prefer smaller papers which is just a personal preference, but if King size is the way you like to roll then you’ll have no issue with this brand or product.

Futurola King Size Papers are sold as single packs with 32 leaves or a box of 50 packs. Individual packs retail for between $2.99 and $5.99 whereas the box will set you back around $55 to $75 depending on where you order. If you're use to Zig-Zag or Rizla then you'll be right at home with the quality of paper and overall smoking experience provided by Futurola.
  • Very wide (over 2 inch)
  • Thin and slow burning
  • Natural gum used for glue
  • Price point (Over $50 per case)
  • Unable to order direct
  • Too much paper for some users
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