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Futurola & Tyson King Size Blunt Cone The Toad Review

The Toad from Futurola & Tyson is terpene-infused blunt cone made from tobacco-free and nicotine-free paper.

Mike Tyson and the team at Mike Tyson Ranch partnered with Futurola to create a variety of rolling accessories including today’s review… the Futurola & Tyson King Size Blunt Cone The Toad.

These king size, terpene-infused blunt cones are handcrafted to the highest quality-control standards using tobacco-free and nicotine-free Futurola Blunt Paper. Before shipping they’re sealed in re-usable glass tubes to ensure the paper retains as much freshness as possible.

How does this premium product compare to Futurola’s Blunt Wrap or HydRx’s Glass-Tipped Hemp Wraps?

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The product arrived from Futurola in a decorative, re-usable glass tube with screw-on cap for safe and easy transport.

We unscrewed the top and slid out the cone which measured approximately 11 cm (4.3 inches) in total length. The paper felt fresh and sturdy but also not too thick. The aroma was quite delicious and reminded us of a cigar blended with vanilla.

The product highlights mentioned by Futurola include:

  • Easy to Load
  • Criss Cross Fibre Design
  • Pre-Installed Filter Tip
  • Slow & Even Burn
  • Tobacco-Free
  • Zero Additives
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Packing the cone was pretty straightforward and if you’ve done this before you’ll have no issues.

We were able to squeeze a full gram into this bad boy and it took less then 10 minutes to grind and pack. Since the blunt paper is a bit thicker and more sturdy then a traditional rolling papers we think most users will find this easier to work with compared to the same thing but made from hemp or rice paper.

We also noticed they used the same paper as a natural pre-installed filter which both looks aesthetically pleasing and works nicely at blocking pieces of flower from entering your mouth (without restricting air flow).

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The Toad from Futurola & Tyson is a great blunt cone for several reasons even though you’ll be paying between $5.99 and $8.99 per unit.

Each is created using with a patented criss-cross fibre design that ensures a slower, more even burn. Although it can be difficult to see that criss-cross we can vouch for the slow and even burn. I smoked mine with a friend for over 15 minutes before finally tapping out with 1/4 still left. The slow burn design helps reduce waste and offers a much more enjoyable, long lasting smoking experience than regular paper cones.

Overall there is very little to complain about here (except the price). The burn is even and slow. Smell and taste are truly wonderful. You get a re-usable glass tube. Perfect size for a smoke session with all your buds. Probably not something we’d use everyday but we would order it again.

The Toad from Futurola & Tyson Ranch is terpene-infused blunt cone made from tobacco-free and nicotine-free paper. Except the price, we had little to complain about as the burn is even and slow. Smell is truly wonderful. Comes with a re-usable glass tube. We'd order again especially if more flavours become available.
  • Wonderful fruity vanilla aroma
  • Premium slow burning cone
  • Re-usable glass doob tube
  • No multi-packs
  • Price point ($5 - $9 per cone)
  • Limited flavours available
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