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General Admission Peach Ringz Vape Cartridge Review

This Peach Ringz 510 cartridge by General Admission is suppose to have a sticky sweet flavour with a sour burst of classic peach candy.

General Admission amazed me recently with their Peach Ringz infused pre-roll.

So I’m really hoping the 1 gram 510 thread General Admission Peach Ringz vape cartridge of the same strain lives up to that same level of quality. They also indicate this premium distillate has been infused with botanical terpenes to deliver the same delicious juicy peach taste as their pre-roll. Let’s see how this compares with other 510 cartridges like Sunset Peach 510 Cart from Verse Originals.

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The second I popped open the plastic tube I noticed a faint peach or fruity scent emanating but it seemed to quickly fade. The actual aroma of the vapour reminded me of peach candy or bubblegum which would make this product quite discreet if you wanted to use it in a public setting.


The cartridge came in a black plastic tube with the brand, strain name, THC percentage (87.12%) and CBD percentage (8.30%) printed on the front. General Admission sometimes switches to a box packaging that I prefer as it gives them a little more room to print extraction methods on the back. The cartridge was a clear light amber distillate with silver hardware and a black rounded mouthpiece.


The flavour of this Peach Ringz 510 cartridge was almost akin to peach-flavoured bubblegum. It wasn’t overly sweet, however the vapour was a tad harsh on the throat if you inhale too much. I prefer the taste of the infused pre-roll more but I would choose the cartridge over the pre-roll for it’s overall consistency.


This vape cartridge was packaged on July 30, 2022 and was part of lot number 22070000238 which was listed with 87.12% THC content. The high of Peach Ringz was very energetic and uplifting while not being overpowering. Unlike many other brands the hardware did not get clogged so I was able to completely finish the cartridge. However I did fine it harsh which means you should probably start on a lower temperature if your device provides that option.

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General Admission's Peach Ringz 510 vape cartridge is suppose to have a sweet flavour with hints of sour. Listed with 87.12% THC content, I found it delivered a very energetic high and wasn’t overpowering. The flavour profile was excellent and the hardware did not clogged. However it was a little harsh so best to consume at a lower temperature if your battery allows.
  • Tasty peach flavour
  • Price ($39.99 for 1 gram)
  • Energetic uplifting high
  • Harsh on the throat
  • A mixed pack would be nice
  • Infused pre-roll more enjoyable
Smell - 7.5
Appearance - 7.5
Flavour - 7.9
Experience - 8
Written by
Coming to you straight out of British Columbia, I have been consuming cannabis since high school and joined the legal market as a budtender in late 2021. Showcasing the craft, the dank, and the shake of the West Coast market. As a daily consumer I go for products that have a tasty flavour profile, deliver a good quality high, with a price point that won’t hurt the bank account. Now let’s blast some Mother Mother and get ready to laugh like Seth Rogen.

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  1. I have found the last 4 cartridges of peach ringz i have bought, they all get plugged. The goo comes out the mouth piece when trying to unplug it, it comes out the bottom and makes the pen all sticky. Really bad construction. Have to stop buying it as I am wasting too much money on something that keeps messing up. Use a different style cartridge please. The cartridges with the round orange top don’t seem to plug or leak on me….please fix as I love the product but hate the wasting


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