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Ghost Drops Z-Splitter Review

Z-Splitter from Ghost Drops is hybrid with a very strong aroma comparable to pungent gas with a hint of sweet citrus.

This product represents our first experience with Ghost Drops, however members of the community have been mentioning them for some time so we’re curious about their quality.

Ghost Drops Z-Splitter is a hybrid cannabis strain that was created by crossing Zkittlez with Atom Splitter. Users describe the aroma as being like a strong gas with hints of citrus. Further amplified by it’s citrusy flavour which also has a gassy element on exhale. Ghost Drops describes the buds as large, spongy dense, light green in colour and an assortment of golden hairs protruding from of a thick layer of trichomes.

Given the premium level price, we’re curious how this compares to something like Sunset Mac from Qwest Reserve.

ghost drops z splitter review cannabis photos 1 merryjade


The product arrived from Ghost Drops in the same round glass container as Qwest Reserve only this one was tinted pink. We actually like like jar and find it keeps the flower fresh for a decent amount of time. We popped off the lid and this flower released it’s pungent aroma immediately. Much stronger then Liiv’s Orange Monkey and almost like a sweet gassy orange; like the smell of an orange pop after being freshly poured.


We dumped out the contents and noted the inclusion of a humidity shield which is great to see. The large cola we got as the primary bud was also a nice surprise. You can tell Ghost Drops cares about presentation as the nugs are neatly trimmed and covered in a thick layer of trichomes which made identifying additional features like the bright orange hairs quite difficult. Visually it looks great so we have high hopes for a comparable experience.


To get a full flavour profile we tested this strain in both pipes, bongs and joints to give plenty of room to appreciate it’s full potential. Z-Splitter is quite bold nearly engulfing with a brief musky floral note before flipping over to a very strong citrusy orange juice taste. The smoke itself was quite smooth as the buds were still fresh and sticky.


Listed with 23.58% THC content and a price tag of $54.95 for 3.5 grams, we found Ghost Drops’ Z-Splitter delivered a very strong experience but also left a big hole in our wallet. Producing a very mellow cerebral effect that felt uplifting combined with a very strong physical component that made us feel heavy with a mild pulsing throughout the body. Overall we enjoyed this product but the cost makes it hard to full recommend especially when you compare to something like Cali’s Pink Diamonds which is almost half the price.

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ghost drops z splitter review cannabis photos 3 merryjade
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Z-Splitter from Ghost Drops is a hybrid strain with a very strong gassy citrus aroma and moderate flavour. It's dense, frosty buds and 23+% THC content make it amazing but the price tag of $54.95 for 3.5 grams mean it's not for everyone. Producing a mellow but uplifting cerebral effect combined with a relaxing physical component that made us feel heavy with a mild pulsing throughout the body. Overall this hybrid was flavourful and delivered a very strong high but fully recommending it would be tough due to the premium cost.
  • Humidity shield and glass container
  • Dense, spongy buds
  • Great smell and flavour
  • Price point ($54.95 for 3.5g)
  • Not available in larger quantities
  • High could be stronger for the price
Smell - 8.4
Appearance - 9
Flavour - 7.8
Experience - 7.3
Written by
Since high school my friends and I have been recreational cannabis users so we decided to start Merry Jade after legalization in 2019. We review and photograph the different products then share them on this website. The rating system we use is called “SAFE” which stands for Smell, Appearance, Flavour and Experience. Each category gets a score out of 10.

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  1. ZSplitters are totally worth their $47 (Indigenous dispensary) price. Top shelf all the way baby. Oh and Zsplitters is worth mentioning too. It came in perfectly cured little buds with a light green color and killer candy-like aroma. The flavor is awesome if you were the kind of kid who liked to rip into a fresh bag of Skittles candy and shove a whole handful into your mouth at once. Who cares about individual flavors because you want the total fruit salad experience and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Same packaging and presentation and again can’t stress the value per dollar spent here. Total craft price range but worth it just wish you could buy larger quantities then 1/8ths and pre-rolls. They have one other strain that supposed to taste like a peppermint patty but I haven’t had that one yet, the dispensary said they were visited by the Ghost Drops rep recently and they wanted to share that they have worked super hard cultivating all 3 of their strains and they feel, I would agree also that they have achieved perfection here.

  2. I forgot to mention that my lot of Zsplitters was 27.4% THC for those who may have wondered.

    • That was definitely stronger then ours. Ghost Drops was a good recommendation, glad you mentioned it 😉 Really like their product, just not their price lol.

  3. Yes, Ghost Drops is at the very fridge of that thin little line that balances pleasure with price. Perhaps Ghost Drops is a tad too zealous with their pricing scheme. I think my price was the max threshold on the value scale but I realize that indigenous prices are not indicative of the regular price everyone else pays.

    • Well said. Have you tried Cali’s Pink Diamonds?

  4. Yes, I have and their other popular strain Garlic Cookies. I was impressed with the flavor and aroma but unimpressed with the overall dryness of my sample. My sample had nice little popcorn nuggets that were well trimmed and well I really can’t say anything bad about its appearance. Potency was sitting around the mid 20’s. Was better through the vape then in a pre-roll. My Emerald Sorceress likes the puff of a good pre-roll from time to time but this one made her cough her head off and again this could be attributed to the aforementioned dryness.

    • When did they release Garlic Cookies? Haven’t seen that one yet.


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