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Good Buds Mango Taffie Review

Good Buds Mango Taffie is a sativa-dominant flower with 20% THC, squishy bright green buds and a sweet mango flavour.

Good Buds Mango Taffie is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was made from LA Affie and a Hawaiian landrace in a small craft cannabis operation on Salt Spring Island, BC.

Good Buds promises this cultivar will have a juicy mango aroma and flavour with dense buds covered in a thick trichome layer and sticky resin. Let’s see if they deliver on that promise and compare it to BC Black’s Pineapple Upside Down Cake and the indica strain Mango from Canaca that we reviewed a few months ago.

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The moment I popped the lid off the container I was instantly hit by a strong earthy aroma with a bright mango element that was so sharp and distinct that it would definitely “wake you up in morning” after taking a deep inhale. There was also a secondary undertone that seemed to have hints of pine and complimented the earthy mango nicely.


This eighth from Good Buds arrived in a round black glass jar with security lid. The buds themselves were bright green, a little shaggy and covered with milky trichomes. There were lots of bright and long orange hairs sticking out from all the nugs which were dense but had a slight squish to them when squeezed. I felt the buds were very small overall with a surprisingly high amount of shake in the bottom of the container.


I tried this flower both with my vaporizer and a traditional rolled joint. The tabletop vaporizer produced a very flavourful, bright citrusy taste with an aftertaste of earthy mangoes. In terms of the joint, smoking the flower with this format delivered a bright mango taste that was still strong both with a dry pull and when lit.


Mango Taffie from Good Buds was listed with a THC percentage of 20.3% and price tag of $38 for 3.5 grams. Overall I thought this one had a really strong yet not overpowering high that paired well with getting tasks done. A good daytime strain with an uplifting buzz, it would just be nice if the buds were bigger and a little less shaky especially when you consider the premium price point. However Mango Taffie had an amazing smell and taste which made up a little for those shortcomings.

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Mango Taffie from Good Buds is a sativa-dominant flower with an earthy mango aroma and flavour. Listed with 20.3% THC and price of $38 for 3.5 grams, I thought it delivered a strong but not overpowering high that would be good during the day if you have things to get done. Nice uplifting buzz, it would just have been nice if the buds were bigger and less shaky.
  • Strong uplifting high
  • Sweet mango flavour profile
  • Very strong smell
  • Lots of shake at the bottom of jar
  • Buds were all very small
  • Price point ($38 for 3.5 grams)
Smell - 7.7
Appearance - 7
Flavour - 8
Experience - 8.5
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Coming to you straight out of British Columbia, I have been consuming cannabis since high school and joined the legal market as a budtender in late 2021. Showcasing the craft, the dank, and the shake of the West Coast market. As a daily consumer I go for products that have a tasty flavour profile, deliver a good quality high, with a price point that won’t hurt the bank account. Now let’s blast some Mother Mother and get ready to laugh like Seth Rogen.

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