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Good Supply Starwalker Kush Pre-Roll Review

Looking for a pre-rolled joint that delivers a satisfying and nuanced smoking experience? Look no further than the Good Supply Starwalker Kush, an indica-dominant strain with a subtle yet alluring aroma of spicy pepper.

Good Supply Starwalker Kush Pre-Roll contains an indica-dominant strain created when OG Kush was crossed with Skywalker.

Typically you’ll see this cultivar being sold as Skywalker Kush which means Good Supply is trying to create their own unique spin on this flower. This 1 gram pre-roll is suppose to have sweet and spicy notes of diesel with an aroma that reminds people of a dank kush. Let’s see how it compares with the dried flower version of Good Supply’s Starwalker Kush in addition to other pre-rolls like the delicious tasting Upside Down Cake from BLK MKT.

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Upon opening the white plastic doob tube we noted a delicate yet distinct spicy pepper aroma gently wafted out. Despite the flower being already ground up and rolled, the scent was unmistakable and indicative of the dominant terpenes contained within the strain. The aroma was not overpowering, but rather, a subtle yet alluring invitation to partake in the pre-roll’s delights. As the joint was lit and consumed, the spicy pepper notes lingered, intermingling with other subtle earthy undertones.


Upon initial inspection, this pre-rolled joint arrived in a standard white plastic doob tube, thoughtfully labelled with essential information including the strain name, cannabinoids, package date, and lot number. Inside the tube, the pre-roll was tightly packed and wrapped in a king size rolling paper, complete with a large cardboard filter at the tip. The flower had a finely ground consistency, making it light and fluffy, but slightly dry. Given the fact this was packaged 6 months ago we’re anticipating the smoke to be rather dry and harsh.


The flavour of the Good Supply’s Starwalker Kush pre-roll was a natural continuation of its spicy aroma, featuring a prominent black pepper spice that tantalized the taste buds. While not overpowering, the flavour was distinctive and unmistakable, providing a satisfying and enjoyable smoking experience. However, while the flavour profile was undeniably present, there was a slight muted quality that left us wondering if the taste would have been stronger if the flower had been fresher. It’s possible that the drying and curing process may have affected the intensity of the flavour, leading to a more subdued taste.


Our specific bag was part of lot number 3101725745, which was packaged on August 22, 2022, and contained 20.6% THC. At a price of $8.65 for a 1 gram pre-roll, the product seemed a bit expensive when compared against other options. We experienced a strong calming and relaxing high that was particularly focused around the eyes, resulting in a sense of focused tranquility. Additionally, there was a warm and soothing physical sensation that eased tension and promoted relaxation throughout the body. While we thoroughly enjoyed this pre-roll from Good Supply, we still preferred the dried flower as it affords more control over the flower being smoked. However, some people cannot roll so these offer a convenient and hassle-free way to consume cannabis, making them an ideal option for those who value convenience and portability. Overall, this pre-rolled joint provided a satisfying and enjoyable experience, delivering a strong relaxing high that will appeal to indica-dominant enthusiasts.

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The Starwalker Kush pre-rolled joint from Good Supply is an indica-dominant strain with 20.6% THC and a price of $8.65 for a 1 gram pre-roll. It features a dry, finely ground flower with a subtle spicy pepper aroma and a flavour dominated by black pepper spice and earthy undertones. We felt a strong, relaxing high, with a particular focus on the eyes and a warm physical sensation throughout the body.
  • Strong and relaxing high
  • Satisfying smoking experience
  • Spicy pepper aroma
  • Higher price ($8.65 for 1g pre-roll)
  • Very dry flower
  • Flavour could be stronger
Smell - 7.1
Appearance - 7.4
Flavour - 6.8
Experience - 6.7
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