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Hightide Sherblato Review

Sherblato from Hightide is a hybrid that combines the popular Sunset Sherbet with the equally delicious Gelato.

As you may guess from the name, Hightide Sherblato is a hybrid strain that was brought to life by combining two of the West Coast’s most well-known and widely loved strains, Sunset Sherbet and Gelato.

It was originally bred by the Flavor Chasers collective out of California and is said to have a fairly average potency, depending on the harvest. This eighth was grown and packed by Sacramento’s Greenwerx for their Hightide brand and was definitely on the lower end of the menu in terms of price at only around $8.

I certainly didn’t have a ‘lato high expectations for this product, but felt like it was still worth giving it a try, for sherb. Plus I wanted to see how it compared to Mendocino Grasslands London Pound Cake.

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There wasn’t much odor at all to the bag. It kind of smelled like an old, dried-out Christmas tree with minor hints of coffee, grapes, and moss. It had a slightly sweet scent, but not quite fruity and not quite floral, just kind of plain and piney.


Honestly, this bud looked pretty bad. With dark green and brown tones, it was very leafy and dry and contained lots of stem throughout. The entire eighth was pretty much just a big clump off a not-so-well manicured branch.


Just like the lack of smell, there wasn’t much flavor to speak of either. It burned quite harshly with a lot of dry crackling, and it tasted very similar to what I imagine a small forest fire would taste like. There was a small amount of the pine tree flavor present, but mostly it just tasted musty.


Our bag was part of lot number KF-SHRBLA-10-21 with a package date of October 8, 2021, THC content of 27.78% and a price tag of $8 for 3.5 grams. I rarely buy an eighth that I don’t finish, but I won’t be rushing back to smoke more of this one anytime soon. Considering how dry, harsh, and poorly manicured this bud was, I’m honestly kind of surprised it made it onto the menu at all. The word lackluster comes to mind when trying to describe this attempt at Sherblato, but sometimes that’s to be expected when delving into the low end of the market. It got me a little higher than I expected, but that was only because my expectations were so low at this point.

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Hightide's Sherblato is a hybrid strain with a lackluster small, taste and appearance. On the good side it was listed with 27.78% THC at only $8 for 3.5 grams but I won't be rushing back to get more anytime soon. It was very dry, harsh and I'm honestly surprised it made it onto the menu at all. Sure it got me high but my expectations were rock bottom by the time I smoked.
  • Looked bad but still got me high
  • Pine aroma was ok, but barely present
  • Price point ($8 for 3.5 grams)
  • Burns very harshly
  • Almost no smell or flavor
  • Way too leafy and very poorly trimmed
Smell - 6.2
Appearance - 5.5
Flavour - 6
Experience - 6.1
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As a Northern California native and longtime consumer of cannabis in many forms I've spent endless hours exploring the various brands and products this region has to offer, so I'm here to help guide you through the ever-evolving landscape of the West Coast weed world. From sunny South Cali to the Bay Area breeze and Sacramento trees, all the way up to the emerald glory of Mendocino and legendary Humboldt County, I'll be discovering the best (and maybe not-so-best) buds, concentrates, and extracts being harvested in the Golden State these days. Why? So you don't have to take chances when you're headed out to pick up a fresh drop, of course. Because that's what we do here. It's pretty heroic.

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